Mounting a Flag onto a Pickup Truck

Mounting a Flag onto a Pickup TruckMounting a flag onto a pickup truck is something that I often see down south.  Rarely seen up north (except for the BBQ restaurant in New Jersey where the photo was taken).  Not sure why that is, but I was curious as to how it was done so figured others would be as well.

There are several ways for mounting a flag onto a pickup truck.  We will take a look at several methods and a few products to get the job done.

One of the most important things, besides the mount, is to have a sturdy flagpole.  The last thing you want to happen is for the flag pole to break off and become a flying object on a highway.  It’s important that you stay safe and keep other drivers safe.  Be sure to select a pole and grommets that are solid and will not fail.  Get an extremely rigid pole made of metal that will not bend or break off.  Try to refrain from taking the vehicle on highways at a fast rate of speed when the flag is mounted.  Most flags and flag poles aren’t made to withstand winds from driving at fast speeds.

So what are some ways to mount a flag to a pickup truck?

First up is a mount that attaches to the hitch.  Consider the Camco Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder.  This is a straightforward solution for placing a flag onto a pickup truck.  The accessory fits standard two-inch hitch receivers and holds flagpoles up to 2.3 inches diameter.  A thumbscrew is used to fasten the flagpole in place.

Next, consider a flat surface mount to the pickup bed.  Some may prefer to make these themselves using heavy duty parts from a big box home improvement store.  There are some videos floating around the internet that show you how to do that.  Just be sure the resulting product is heavy duty and won’t break.  I have seen some that use parts from the plumbing aisle made of PVC but really don’t trust them in terms of holding up in the wind.  Opt for metal instead.  Don’t even think of using anything involving adhesive.  Metal, solder and bolts are what will keep this steady.

For those less adventurous, you can also take a look at a ready-made solution such as the Standard Universal Truck Bed Mounted Flag Holder.  These accessories bolt onto a pickup truck bed.  These fit a one inch flagpole, a bit smaller than the hitch mounted flagpole holder.  A thumbscrew is included to hold the flagpole in place.

Lastly, for a kit that includes everything including the flagpole, look at the FanPole Flag Pole To Go For Trucks.  This is a kit that provides everything except the flag itself.  A trailer hitch plus heavy duty pole.  The kit includes a telescopic pole that expands to six feet, although the shorter you keep it, the more stable it should be.

So there are several options for those wanting to hold a flag onto their pickup truck.  It’s important to follow the installation instructions and ensure safety.  As already mentioned, avoid driving at fast rates of speed with a flag mounted to your pickup truck.  If the flag pole wobbles in the mount or does not feel steady, don’t use it.  Also be sure that you have a heavy duty flagpole that will not break or bend.