Alternative Mounts for the Arlo Solar Panel

The Arlo Pro HD Home Security Camera is a terrific device for monitoring your home.  What makes it terrific?  It’s battery operated.  What makes it less than terrific?  It’s battery operated.  Combined with the Arlo Solar Panel, the camera retains its terrific-ness. The issue with any battery operated camera is the batteries don’t last forever.  While the Arlo line of cameras have batteries that last longer than most, they will need to be recharged after several months of use.  When the batteries start to run low, the cameras need to be removed from their mount and then charged either by … Read more

Alternative Mounts for the Arlo Pro HD Home Security Camera

The Arlo Pro HD Home Security System is a great example of you get what you pay for.  Sure, this is more expensive than other wireless cameras, but the quality is about the best we have experienced in a battery operated camera.  For those unfamiliar with Arlo, the company is Netgear’s home security camera division.  This article will examine some new ways to mount the Arlo Pro HD camera. Continuing the tradition of their magnetic dome-shaped mount, this camera includes the standard Arlo Smart Security Home Wall Mount. This mount has an adhesive backing and a dome on the front.  The back of the … Read more

Netgear VueZone Home Security Camera Mounts

VueZone is a home security camera line marketed by Netgear.  The Netgear VueZone was released several years ago and has since been replaced by a series of Arlo cameras.  If you haven’t purchased your security camera system yet, consider the Arlo instead of the older generation VueZone.   The VueZone comes with one or more dome-shaped magnetic mounts in the box.  This camera has a curved recess on the back which fits onto the dome.  The back of the dome mount has an adhesive disk and it sticks pretty darn good to almost any clean smooth surface.  You can optionally use screws on … Read more

Outdoor Home Security Camera Mounts

Several well known security camera manufacturers have recently introduced models that are made to work outdoors.  An excellent example is the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera.  Like most outdoor cameras, these are waterproof and made to withstand typical weather elements such as snow, ice and rain.  Today we discuss outdoor home security camera mounts. Outdoor home security camera mounts are not all created equal.  I have seen some inexpensive imports made of plastic that aren’t likely to hold up to a decent wind storm.  Don’t make the mistake of saving a few dollars for a mount as breakage will result … Read more

Arlo Home Security Camera Mounts

Arlo is the home security camera line marketed by Netgear.  The Arlo Home Smart Security Camera has a few unique features not found in other cameras.  These are good cameras sporting a 720P lens and night vision capabilities.  They are easy to activate and can be accessed via smartphone applications readily available in the app stores.  Unlike some standalone cameras such as Dropcam, these attach to a common base station which is located near your home router.  When purchasing these, I suggest buying the number of cameras needed within your kit, as it’s always the least expensive way to do … Read more