Netgear VueZone Home Security Camera Mounts

VueZone is a home security camera line marketed by Netgear.  The Netgear VueZone was released several years ago and has since been replaced by the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera.  If you haven’t purchased your security camera system yet, consider the Arlo instead of the older generation VueZone.  You can read a detailed article on the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System at HomeCamCafe.  If you are here because you already own a VueZone and need some advice on mounts, read on. The VueZone comes with one or more dome-shaped magnetic mounts in the box.  This camera has a curved recess on the back which … Read more

Arlo Home Security Camera Mounts

Arlo is the home security camera line marketed by Netgear.  The Arlo Home Smart Security Camera has a few unique features not found in other cameras.  These are good cameras sporting a 720P lens and night vision capabilities.  They are easy to activate and can be accessed via smartphone applications readily available in the app stores.  Unlike some standalone cameras such as Dropcam, these attach to a common base station which is located near your home router.  When purchasing these, I suggest buying the number of cameras needed within your kit, as it’s always the least expensive way to do … Read more