Netgear VueZone Home Security Camera Mounts

Netgear VueZone Home Security Camera MountsVueZone is a home security camera line marketed by Netgear.  The Netgear VueZone was released several years ago and has since been replaced by a series of Arlo cameras.  If you haven’t purchased your security camera system yet, consider the Arlo instead of the older generation VueZone.  

The VueZone comes with one or more dome-shaped magnetic mounts in the box.  This camera has a curved recess on the back which fits onto the dome.  The back of the dome mount has an adhesive disk and it sticks pretty darn good to almost any clean smooth surface.  You can optionally use screws on the dome base too.  The adhesive is where the issue comes in.  It’s almost impossible to come off.  I sold my house with a few of these still stuck to a window because I simply couldn’t pry them off.  They must use some serious adhesive.  In a way, that’s a good thing because I never had an issue with the camera or mount falling off.

I mentioned the Arlo at the beginning of the article.  It’s a good upgrade to the VueZone but most importantly, many of the mounts that are now being marketed for an Arlo camera also fit a VueZone camera.  So yo might see a mount that only says Arlo on the box of in the title.  If it has that domed shape then it’s likely to fit the VueZone too.  Be careful though to only select an Arlo mount that is of the domed variety.  Unlike the VueZone, the Arlo has an alternative mounting spot on the bottom which fits standard tripod screws.  The VueZone doesn’t have that tripod attachment hole so avoid the Arlo mounts that use a tripod screw for attachment.

Just need some more of those magnetic domes?  The Arlo Smart Security Home Wall Mount has an adhesive backing and a dome on the front just like the ones you got in the box (remember the Arlo mounts fit the VueZone too).  These mounts are somewhat textured as Netgear believes these make them stick better.  Like the old mounts you have, your VueZone fits directly onto the dome and uses magnets within the device to stay put.  Remember these are using adhesive and these mounts aren’t portable so be sure you like the chosen the location before removing the wax paper from the adhesive.

Another mounting option for these cameras is the Arlo Smart Security Camera Table/Ceiling Mount.  These differ from the mount we just discussed in that these have a small extension arm.  it makes a big difference ir mounting these to a horizontal surface such as a ceiling or under a shelf.  Personally, I think this is the style they should include with these cameras as it’s more versatile than the dome type.  You can even use this mount to hold two cameras back to back.  These mounts can stand on a table or be screwed to any flat surface.

The VueZone was ahead of its time when first released a few years ago.  While the Arlo line has been released and is certainly more feature rich versus the VueZone, there is no reason to upgrade your camera system just because you need some new mounts.  Knowing the Arlo dome mounts will fit the VueZone means you can continue to use your older system a few more years.