Alternative Mounts for the Arlo Pro HD Home Security Camera

Arlo Pro HD MountThe Arlo Pro HD Home Security System is a great example of you get what you pay for.  Sure, this is more expensive than other wireless cameras, but the quality is about the best we have experienced in a battery operated camera.  For those unfamiliar with Arlo, the company is Netgear’s home security camera division.  This article will examine some new ways to mount the Arlo Pro HD camera.

Continuing the tradition of their magnetic dome-shaped mount, this camera includes the standard Arlo Smart Security Home Wall Mount. This mount has an adhesive backing and a dome on the front.  The back of the Arlo security camera is curved and fits directly onto the dome and uses magnets within the device to adhere.  Since it’s a dome-shaped mount, you wind up with a ball and socket attachment so the camera can be swiveled to the best angle.  We recommend leaving this mount on the wall without the camera for 24 hours as this permits the adhesive to cure sufficiently.  Try to avoid doing this in very cold or very hot days.  Also be aware these are adhesive mounts that aren’t portable so ensure you like the chosen the location before removing the wax paper from the adhesive.

Another mounting option made by Netgear for these cameras is the Arlo Smart Security Camera Table/Ceiling Mount.  These differ from the mount we just discussed in that these have a small extension arm.  it makes a big difference ir mounting these to a horizontal surface such as a ceiling or under a shelf.  You can even use this mount to hold two cameras back to back.  These mounts can stand on a table or screwed to any flat surface.

Now, here’s where we get into the alternative mount discussion.  Arlo smartly integrated a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole into these cameras.  That’s big.  It allows use of an industry standard tripod attachment for mounting the Arlo Pro HD Home Security Camera.  Many mounts sold for standard cameras will work quite well with the Arlo Pro lineup.

The photo that accompanies this article is an Arlo Pro with the Arkon Camera Wall Mount.  This is a metal extension mount that uses the tripod screw just mentioned.  It’s eight inches long and made of metal.  There are adjustment points at the base, midway and end and this allows the user to get an almost endless variety of angles.  It comes with a set of wood screws and anchors for mounting.  The square base has four mounting holes.  Installation is easy.  As you can see, these work on a ceiling as well as a wall and it’s great for outdoor use as well as inside.

You may also want to consider use of a suction cup mount.  A suction cup is handy for attaching to windows, especially if you want to use the Arlo Pro to peer outdoors but don’t want the camera outside the home.  That’s where the Wasserstein Smart Security Suction Cup Wall Mount comes into consideration.  These short arm mounts allow the camera to swivel 360 degrees.  You want the cameras to be as flush as possible to the window as a means to eliminate glare.

Lastly, we’re taking advantage of the standard tripod attachment so consider the Arkon 11 inch Camera Tripod Mount.  This mount stands 11 inches tall and is very flexible in terms of mounting.  It can be used as a traditional mini tripod where it stands on a flat surface or the flexible legs can wrap around a pole, post, chair arm or anything similar.  It will screw into the bottom of the Arlo Smart Security Camera using that tripod screw we just discussed.

By the way, if thinking about an alternative for changing the batteries on these cameras, the Arlo Solar Panel is something worth considering.  We describe this in some detail in our article discussing alternative mounts for the Arlo Solar Panel.

The Arlo Pro HD Camera is a great improvement over older generations and even beats traditional wired cameras in terms of features and performance.  They work well for outdoor installations where running a cable is a challenge.  Supplementing these cameras with some of these alternative mounts makes the camera even more versatile.