SCT X4 and Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner Mount Options

Car Air Vent Mount for the SCT X4 and Bama X4/SF4The and SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer and Bama X4/SF4 are popular monitoring and tuning solution.  The device is used to improves horsepower, torque and overall performance.  Since this site concentrates on mounting solutions, we aren’t going into the technical details of the SCT Bama line and will leave that for other review sites that have that level of expertise.

Fortunately we do have a lot of expertise with mounting the SCT X4 and Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuners.  Most of these tuners do not come with a mount.  The purpose of the mount is attach the SCT X4 or Bama X4/SF4 in a place that can be read easily yet not get in the way of your drive.  The most common place to attach these is the windshield at the far right of the driver.  We’re going to look at a variety of common mounting locations as well as some you may not have thought of.

The most popular location for mounting is the windshield.  The Car Windshield Suction Cup Mount for Bama X4/SF4 or SCT X4 SF4 Tuner Programmer is an extremely reliable and easy to use car mount.  The mount has two tabs which slide into the two slots on the back of the device.  There is a vacuum lock that’s engaged by pushing down on the lever after attaching it to the windshield.  For best results, be sure the windshield is clean prior to adhesion.  I also find these do not work well on self installed window tinting as the weight of the device will pull the tinting right off.  Factory installed default tint, as most have, isn’t a problem.

A word of advice for those wanting to use a suction cup mount on their windshield.  In a few states, it might be illegal to put anything on your windshield.  That includes a GPS, radar detector, even an SCT X4 tuner.  You can read about those few states in our article that addresses this topic.  So for those that need (or want) to look at some alternative locations, read on.

One of my favorite mounting locations is the car air vent.  The Car Air Vent Mount for Bama X4/SF4 and SCT X4 Tuner Programmer is a good way to mount your tuner to the vent.  It’s important that your vent is strong enough to hold the weight of the Bama X4/SF4 or SCT X4 so be sure to check before going down the vent mount road.  The vent mount attaches to horizontal vents by clipping onto the slats.  There is an stability bar that aids in keeping the tuner still.  Like the prior mount, this one has two tabs that fit into the two slots on the back of the device.  The mount pivots and swivels too.

The seat bolt is another favorite of mine.  I originally discovered this mount almost 15 years while looking for a good place to mount by XM Radio.  The Car Seat Bolt Floor Gooseneck Mount for Bama X4/SF4 and SCT X4 SF4 Tuner Programmer has that dual T pattern and attaches to a car’s seat bolt.  These fit most cars as long as the seat bolt is exposed and not covered by a plastic casing.  The mount stands 18 inches tip to tip and can is a flexible gooseneck so can be bent to any angle.  Most attach this to the passenger seat bolt closest to the driver.  You can easily bend it out of the way when not in use.

So there you have three good SCT X4 and Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner mount options.  All will fit the dual slots on the back of the device.