Rokform Case Motorcycle and Car Mounts

Rokform case with motorcycle handlebar mountRokform manufactures a unique line of smartphone and tablet cases.  They only offer cases for the most popular lines of smartphones namely the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lineups.  They also offer cases for the Apple iPad Mini line.  The cases have a unique mounting pattern molded into the back called the Roklock.  The purpose of the Roklock is for attachment to one of a variety of Rokform mounts.  The Rokform mounts have a complimentary mounting pattern so that you simply line up the pattern on the case and the one on the mount and with a quarter turn, lock it onto the mount.  So it’s a cradle-less mounting system somewhat like a magnetic mount but without the magnet and somewhat more secure.

A Rokform case is a rugged one that’s on par with other top brands of cases.  They have that mounting pattern on the back we already discussed.  You buy a Rokform case because you plan to take advantage of the unique mounting solution that Rokform offers.  The mounts we will cover only work with a Rokform case.  They will not work with any other case.  There’s a unique mounting pattern that’s only going to work with the cutout on the back of the Rokform case so if you have another brand of case like Otterbox, skip the rest of this article, these aren’t going to work.

The photo that accompanies this article illustrates the concept quite well.  The Rokform iPhone 6 Motorcycle Handlebar Mount with Protective Case that’s in the photo has a Rokform case surrounding it.  On  the back is the unique Roklock cutout.  The mount is a metal mount that has the Roklock pattern on it.  it fits the cutout on the back of the case.  You twist it a quarter turn and it locks it in.  The mount is made of aluminum and fits handlebars from 7/8″ 1 .25″ and that covers the majority of handlebar widths including Harley-Davidson.  The mount has a nice pivot and swivel feature to facilitate landscape or portrait use.

A Rokform wrist lanyard is included with every case.  Use it as a tether.  Wrap it around your bike or motorcycle mount for added protection.

How about the car?  The RokForm Windshield Suction Mount takes care of this mounting location quite readily.  The mount has the Roklock pattern at one and a vacuum locked suction cup at the other end.  There’s a 210 degree tilt, 360 degree rotation ball to provide any angle needed.  Landscape will be used with this mount more often than not but it’s nice to know that you can swivel the device into portrait if you like.  Like any suction mount, these attach to anything that’s smooth and flat.

Rokform also offers the Rokform Rokbed Adhesive Car/Wall Mount for mounting to a car dashboard or any flat surface.  The mount has the Roklock quarter turn system just like the handlebar mount.  The mount is an adhesive variety.  Be sure to clean the surface real well prior to attachment.  Once it’s attached, let it sit for 24 hours and try not to do this in extremely hot or cold weather.  Your Rokform case will attach to the adhesive mount with a simple twist.

We like to write about mounting products that have a unique feature.  It’s one of the main purposes of this site which is to bring you mounting solutions you didn’t know exists.  The Rokform cases have a unique attachment on them that makes these attractive for rugged environments that are made to work with a protective case.  That’s unusual and worth a look.