My Quest for Wireless Charging with an Otterbox Ended with a Company Called Youshares

YouShares Fast Wireless ChargerMy recent migration to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had me all excited about the prospects of wireless charging.  Right after selecting an Otterbox Defender as my day to day case, my excitement abated slightly as I remembered how thick this case was.  Thankfully I found the Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad.

The Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad sits on my dresser.  That’s what you see in the photo that accompanies this article.  This is one of three that I have deployed.

Settling on the Youshares charging pad was no easy feat as I tried several other brands.  The issue is the Otterbox Defender.  While I am very fond of these great cases, Qi technology is not.  The thickness of the Otterbox Defender multi-layer protection gets in the way of the wireless charging.  Samsung went to the trouble of developing a tough all glass exterior to facilitate Qi and here I was getting in the way of that with my Otterbox.

Some of the other wireless chargers tried simply didn’t work with the Otterbox Defender case.  Others worked inconsistently.  Worked the first try then took several minutes to get it working again.  The Youshares Halo worked every time.

The Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad does indeed come through with adaptive fast charging support.  That was important.  My wireless charging selection needed to support the fast charging feature.

You need to remember the trick to getting the fast charging feature to work.  It’s all in the A/C adapter.  The Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad includes a micro USB cable that’s about a meter long.  An A/C adapter is not included.

The A/C adapter has to support fast charging!  A basic A/C adapter doesn’t support fast charging.  I use the Samsung Travel Adapter which supports adaptive fast charging.  There are others out there.  This one is inexpensive and works well.  It’s made by Samsung too which is a plus for me.  Whichever brand of A/C adapter you settle on, just be sure adaptive fast charging is supported or the Youshares charger will only charge in normal mode.

Placement of my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on the charging pad connects when placed squarely in the middle of the back of the phone.  The Youshares Halo has a light at the front that turns green when a fast charging connection is made.  The phone will acknowledge a fast charging connection with a message indicating “”Fast Charging Wirelessly”.  An estimate for when it will be fully charged will display.  The green light isn’t terribly bright which works well if used at night.

The design of the charger is somewhat unique.  A silver metal ring surrounds the charging pad.  According to Youshares, this helps to cool down the charging pad when in use.  The back of my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a bit hot after using the wireless charger but not alarmingly so.

The Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad has been in action for a few weeks now.  No problems and I’m happy to have it.