Seneo Wireless Charger is a Vast Improvement Over the Others

Seneo Wireless ChargerNow that Apple has rolled out wireless charging, the majority of new higher end phone purchases will include this feature.  It’s a great feature which we discussed previously.  Wireless chargers come in a wide variety of reliability.  Today, we found one that works every time.  It’s called the Seneo Wireless Charger.

The technology is known as Qi wireless charging.  We wrote a detailed article on this technology a few years back when it first came out.  Back then, only a few Samsung phones supported the technology.  Today, many phone manufacturers including Samsung, Apple and LG support Qi.

Typical Wireless Charger Issues

Wireless chargers have three problems.  The first issue is with cases.  The heavier the case, the more difficulty in working with wireless chargers. The problem lies in the charge getting through the case.

The second issue is lining the phone up with the charging coils in the wireless charger.  You can’t just slap it onto a flat desktop wireless charger.  The phone needs to line up to the charging elements in the wireless charger.

The third issue, fast charging requires an AC adapter that supports fast charging technology.  Using a default everyday wall adapter will negate the ability of the wireless charger to use fast charging.

Overcoming the Issues

We were very pleased with the performance of the Seneo Wireless Charger.  It overcame all the issues encountered with many other wireless chargers.

The charger’s design is what makes a difference.  Instead of lying flat on a desk or table, the Seneo Wireless Charger lies on a slant and includes a small shelf which holds your phone.  Unlike wireless chargers that sit horizontally on a desk, the phone makes contact and is actively charged every time without any effort to balance the phone to make contact with the charging pad.

We have used the Seneo Wireless Charger with an Otterbox Defender on an LG V30 as well as Supcase Unicorn Beetle on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Charging worked fine with both cases.  We experienced fast wireless charging as expected with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  The LG phones do not support wireless fast charging like the Samsung models but it charged at normal speed as expected.  The Seneo Wireless Charger does not support fast charging on Apple phones which is

Note the fast charging features for Samsung phones require that the Seneo Wireless Charger have the USB cable plugged into an AC adapter that supports fast charging.  Other phones require a 5 volt, 2 AMP adapter.  The included USB cable plugs into your phone’s AC adapter (it’s a good idea to use the Apple adapter, LG adapter, Samsung adapter versus a third party).

Overall Design

A photo of the Seneo Wireless Charger accompanies this article.

Black in color and measuring 3.19 x 2.91 x 5.75 inches, the device doesn’t take up much room.  An LED light at the bottom of the Seneo Wireless Charger is blue when not charging a phone.  The light turns green when actively charging a phone.  Unlike the flat wireless chargers, the light is easy to see.  Be sure the light is green to ensure the phone is being charged.

It’s worth noting the Seneo Wirless Charger comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.  Haven’t seen that before in a phone charger.


Total thumbs up on the Seneo Wireless Charger.  It works reliably, doesn’t take up much space and supports fast charge on the Samsung line of phones that support the technology.  The charger has been a worthy addition to the office.