Car and Motorcycle Mounts for a Nextar GPS

Nextar was a GPS manufacturer that marketed GPS devices globally.  Several years ago, they stopped marketing to North America.  If anyone has a Nextar GPS and needs a custom cradle, it’s going to be a real challenge to find.  Especially for older GPS devices. So what should you do if you’re mount is broken and you still have affection for your Nextar GPS?  That’s a good question. You likely found this article by searching on the terms ‘Nextar Mount’.  So we’ll try to help with some suggestions for car and motorcycle mounts for a this GPS. There were a lot of different Nextar models.  They were priced … Read more

GlareStomper GPS Sun Visor Product Review

A GPS sun visor is a terrific way to keep sun glare off a GPS.  This is especially useful with lower priced or older GPS units that do not have anti-glare displays.  That’s where GlareStomper made a niche name for themselves. Most GPS sun visors on the market are constructed of rigid plastic and attaches to the GPS with a series of legs designed to hug the unit.  The problem with the plastic visors is that they will cover a part of the display and because the attaching mechanism is never tight, it can fall off in high vibration environments especially motorcycles. … Read more

Choosing the Right GPS Car Mount

GPS systems have been around for many years.  While the technology has advanced considerably, the mounts that are provided by the manufacturer have stayed the same.  To this day, when you open your brand new GPS box, you will meet your new GPS car mount which will typically be a small suction cup similar to what you see being used in the photo.  The issue with these mounts is that you can use them in one place which is the windshield.  The second issue is that, well, what if you wanted to mount your GPS somewhere other than the windshield? … Read more

Keeping the Glare Off

We receive a lot of questions about glare especially on GPS units and tablets.  For GPS units, glare can be a real problem when used on the car windshield or motorcycle.  While we aren’t aware of any GPS units that use an anti glare surface, we wonder why they don’t.  For some reason it seems like the glare on TomTom GPS units are the worst.  At least, that’s what our readers tell us.  Garmin also has a similar issue but not as bad as TomTom.  We get a lot of inquiries from iPad users.  That glossy touchscreen doesn’t help at all when … Read more

Protecting your GPS with Cases and Screen Protectors

You spent a lot of money on your GPS.  These devices are easily scratched so don’t just throw it in your gym bag, purse or glove compartment when not in use.  Consider adding a carry case or pouch.  We always wondered why the manufacturers do not include one, going back to when GPS units first came into fashion, the manufacturers would include a pouch in the box.  Well, suppose times are tough now, so the consumer is faced with purchasing a carry case for their GPS.  There are plenty to choose from for your Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, Mio, Nextar or … Read more