Phone Mounts for a Baby Stroller

Phone Mounts for a StrollerPhone mounts for baby strollers.  Great idea.  It’s difficult to push a stroller with one hand while holding your phone with the other hand.  Sure, you can go straight, but turns are a real problem.  Mounting a phone to a stroller puts it where you can see it.  Now turns are much easier.

So that’s the purpose of this article.  We’re going to discuss a few good options for mounting your smartphone to a stroller or (for old school readers), a baby carriage.  We’re going to talk about places to put it for the adult driver of the stroller, not the small passenger.  Using these mounts where an infant can get to them isn’t a good idea and should be avoided.

Let’s first discuss what’s important in finding the right mount for a stroller.

There’s a good chance that you will need to remove the mount from the baby stroller frequently so the mount needs to be easy to attach and remove.  The mount will attach to the handlebar, you know, the part where your hands hold onto the stroller.  So the mount needs to have a small profile and must fit the diameter of the handlebar.  The mount also needs to have a holder or cradle that will expand large enough to fit your phone.

I also think the best mount is one that will need to sit relatively flush to the stroller handlebar.  A mount that includes an extension off the handlebar grips is likely to be awkward.  So we’ll limit our discussion to flush mounts.

Before shopping for your baby stroller phone mount, there are a few preparations to make.  Measure the diameter of the handlebar.  The diameter is the length from end to end.  Most stroller handlebars will land somewhere in the 1 inch area but some are much thicker, so do measure it prior to selecting a mount.

The other thing to measure is the phone.  There are a lot of different size phones.  A few years ago, this measurement didn’t matter too much because most mounts opened wide enough to fit all phones.  However, with big phones such as Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7, especially when combined with a thick case, you need to measure the width.

So we will need a mount that will fit the stroller handlebar diameter, open wide enough to accommodate your phone and is easy to install and remove.  Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not and the recommendations below should help to simplify the part where you need to find the right mount.

For handlebars that fall into the .6 to 1.96 inch diameter range, the Arkon MegaGrip Handlebar Strap Mount is an excellent choice.  These mounts are typically marketed for motorcycles and bicycles but, don’t worry, they fit baby stroller handlebars too.  The mount even includes a safety strap for added security.  There is an included cradle that opens to 3.6 inches.  That’s large enough for virtually any phone.  My Apple iPhone 6s Plus with a big thick Otterbox Defender case is about 3.5 inches wide and fits fine.  The mount is easy to install and remove.  I have used this mount personally and it works quite well.  The manufacturer has a two-year warranty on this mount.

The next mount is a little different.  The RAM Tough-Claw Mount with Universal X-Grip Phone Cradle comes with a lifetime warranty.  It’s a more rugged mount and in fact, these are used on dirt bikes.  The claw opens to 1.5 inches and the cradle to 3.25 inches.  Most phones will fit fine, but the largest phones with a case or skin might need a larger cradle.  These mounts are manufactured from metal and composite.  The mount is easy to install and remove.

Either of these two mounts will work quite well for baby stroller use.  As already mentioned, they are primarily marketed for motorcycle and bicycle use, so stroller duty shouldn’t stress these mounts at all.  I suppose mount manufacturers should look at marketing towards stroller use as it’s a market that seems to make sense.