nDash Tuner Mounting Options

Single T Adapter fits nDashThe nDash Tuner is one of the more popular monitoring and tuning solutions available today.  The nDash Tuner allows tuning of certain vehicular engines.

An nDash tuner has a slot on the back for mounting purposes.  This mounting pattern can be found on many mounts that are sold for satellite radio.  Therefore, many mounts that fit a Sirius or XM Radio will fit the nDash as well.  The key is that single T pattern.  It’s similar to what you see in the photo that accompanies this article.

Let’s look at a few recommendations.  Keep in mind, these are typically marketed for satellite radios but the mounting pattern has a single T ending so it will fit the nDash too.

Windshield and Dash Mounts for the nDash

A good mounting option is the windshield of the vehicle.  Consider the  Windshield or Dashboard Car Mount for XM Satellite Radio and Bracketron Scosche Peripower Single T Slot Pattern Holders.  This mount includes the single T pattern that will fit the slot on the nDash.  Attachment to the windshield is simply a matter of putting it in place then pressing down on the vacuum lever.  Very easy to install and remove.

This mount uses a sticky dash base which can also be used on a dashboard.  As long as it is flat, this will adhere.  Always clean the dash of any oils or dust before using the mount to ensure it adheres well.  The mount comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Vent and Seat Bolt Mount Options for the nDash

Another great option to consider is the Air Vent Car Mounting Pedestal for XM Satellite Radio and for Bracketron Scosche Single T Slot Pattern Holders.  These air vent mounts work on standard vents that have horizontal slats.  It will not work well on round or vertical vent slats.  However, I have found the majority of cars have horizontal vents so it should fit most vehicles just fine.  Always make sure the vent is sturdy enough to hold the added weight of the device.  The mount features two arms that clip onto the vent slats.  Like the windshield mount, these mounts include the pattern that fits the slot on the back of the device.  The mount pivots and swivels for placement at an ideal location for the driver to see it.

The last mount to consider is one for the seat bolt or floor.  The Arkon Seat Bolt/Floor Satellite Radio Mount measures 18 inches long from tip to tip.  The mount features a flexible stem so it can be bent to the best angle.  I always like to attach these to the passenger seat bolt closest to the driver.  It can be bent out of the way if it gets in the way of a passenger.  Like the other mounts already mentioned, this includes the single T adapter that is necessary to fit the nDash.

There are other mounts as well that feature the necessary mounting pattern for the nDash.  The key is the single T adapter at the end.  Keep in mind, many of these mounts are also marketed for satellite radios.