Mounts for the Garmin Striker 7 Fishfinder

Garmin Striker 7 mountTwo Garmin Striker 7 models were recently introduced to fill the mid-tier market.  When I compare the Garmin Striker 7 to what one would purchase a few years ago, there are a slew of improvements in mapping features, color display and transducers.

There are two models for this series.  From a pure mounting perspective, the Garmin Striker 7sv and Striker 7cv are the same.  Any mount that fits one model, will fit the other.

Installation typically requires use of two cables.  One for power.  The second for a transducer.  It’s worth noting that the transducer is included with the Garmin Striker 7sv and Striker 7cv.  No need to spend more money.  Everything is included.  Even transducer mounts.

Both fishfinder models include a mount.  The Garmin Tilt/Swivel Mount for Striker 7cv and Striker 7sv is what’s included in the box.  That’s what you see in the photo that accompanies this article.  It’s your typical flat surface mount.  Drill some holes and use some screws to attach the mount to the flat surface.  The Garmin Striker 7 attaches to the mount using side screws.  These screws can be loosened for angle adjustment.  To remove the device, unscrew from the sides, disconnect the cables and take the device with you.

Another mounting option offered by Garmin is for flush mounting.  Check out the Flush Mount for Garmin Striker 7sv and Striker 7cv.  This mount allows a flush attachment to a flat surface on a boat.  These mounts are typically used for installation in the cockpit.  The mounting kit includes a set of brackets custom fit for the device.  Installation entails careful measurement and is somewhat unforgiving of inaccurate measurements.

For those thinking of keeping the Garmin Striker 7 in your boat when not around, consider using the Garmin Striker 7sv and Striker 7cv Protective Cover.  This accessory fits over the front display of the device.  A protective cover helps to protect the Striker from the elements.  These covers are especially useful when keeping the Striker in your boat for a longer period of time.

This brings us to the question of whether to take your Garmin Striker 7 with you when leaving the boat.  The answer is definitely – yes.  I walk around marinas all the time.  I’m amazed at the number of folks that leave their expensive marine electronics in their boat.  The boats tied to the dock at an isolated area of the dock.  It looks way too easy to me for someone to hop into your boat with a screwdriver and take whatever they want.  If using the first type of mount where it screws from the sides, that’s a quick 15-second exercise to steal your Striker.

Take the device with you.  The Garmin Striker 7 is too expensive to leave in your boat when not around.

An option to make the chore of taking everything with you more easily is available with the RAM 1.5″ Diameter Ball Mount.  These powder coated aluminium mounts are typically used for for marine electronics.  The bracket that comes with the Garmin Striker 7 attaches to the holes on this mount.

The addition of this mount allows more flexibility in terms of the angles that you can tilt the device in.  But, most importantly, it allows you to take the Garmin mount and device off all on one shot.  Simply turn the flywheel on the side of the arm and remove everything except the small metal base.