Mounts for the Garmin inReach Explorer+ and inReach SE+ GPS

Garmin inReach Weighted Friction MountGarmin recently closed their purchase of Delorme and integrated their popular inReach line of handheld GPS devices.  The first of the new lineup includes the Garmin inReach Explorer+ and Garmin InReach SE+.  Reminds me a bit of the old Garmin eTrex line but with much improved software.  These handheld devices are great for hikers or geocaching and can even be used in the car or on a motorcycle.

Garmin integrated the Delorme Earthmate maps into these handheld devices.  However, I think the most important differentiation in these devices is the availability of Iridium Satellite coverage which enables 2-way text messaging from anywhere.  This is available through a paid subscription plan and includes the ability to trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center.  A great feature to have for emergencies.

Paired with the Earthmate maps, I suppose these could be used in the car for a normal drive, but I think most will be using these when outdoors hiking in a rigged environment.  We’ll cover mounts for both civilized and uncivilized environments.  Looks like Garmin has you covered for either place.

The Garmin inReach Explorer+ and InReach SE+ comes with a caribiner clip.  No mounts.  So if you plan on doing anything with these handheld GPS devices other than clipping it to something (or someone) you need to find a mount.  This article will discuss mounting options for the Garmin inReach and Explorer+ and Garmin inReach SE+ GPS.  Both devices share the same mounts.

For mobile adventures in a car or on a motorcycle, you want something with power.  That’s where the Garmin inReach Powered Mount.  The back of this powered cradle has the 4 hole AMPS mounting pattern common to many third party mounts.  An integrated cable with USB connection is included.  If using the Garin inReach GPS on a motorcycle or car, this is what you need.  The GPS snaps in and out of the cradle easily.

A mount with a square AMPS mounting plate for use on a handlebar is the RAM Rail Mount with Rectangular AMPS Plate.  This is an excellent mount made to fit handlebars up to 1.25 inches.  Made of metal, this mount comes with a lifetime warranty.  There are adjustments points at the base and tip.  The arm in the middle is 3 inches long from tip to tip.  This mount attaches to the back of the Garmin powered cradle described int the prior paragraph.

Coupled with a suction cup, consider the Garmin Powered Mount with Suction Cup.  This combination combines the Garmin inReach Mount with a suction cup assembly.  Good for car use adhered to your windshield.  These suction cups stick to anything flat and smooth.  They do not work on a textured surface such as a dashboard.  I also don’t recommend using these on a motorcycle or anything that vibrates a lot like an ATV.

Garmin also recommends using their Weighted Friction Mount.  This is a solid choice for using the Garmin inReach inside a car or truck.  It’s easy to install and remove.  This mount features the extremely popular Garmin friction base  which we reviewed here.  Ironically, this mount is shared with the older Garmin eTrex series of handheld GPS device.  I thought this mount looked familiar.