Lowrance Elite Fishfinder Mounting Options

The RAM 1.5" Ball Mount attached to a Lowrance Elite-5The Lowrance Elite Series includes several versions of the lower cost Elite-4 as well as the more expensive and feature rich Elite-5.  In 2013, Lowrance then introduced the larger Elite-7.  Then in 2015, Lowrance came out with the Elite-3X.  While we aren’t Fishfinder experts, we are pretty good at mounts, so that’s what we will write about today.  We have found that the plastic mount included with the units leaves a bit to be desired.  Fortunately there are some nice new alternatives constructed of metal and heavy plastic.  Depending upon the manufacturer, some also come with a lifetime warranty.

The Elite-3X, Elite-4 and Elite-5 share a similar mounting mechanism and Lowrance has managed to sell a large number of these.  The Elite-7 is a completely different unit and we’ll talk about that later.  The Elite-3X, Elite-4 and Elite-5 come with the Lowrance QRB-5 Bracket.  It is made of plastic and fits slots on the back of the Lowrance devices.  I have found these mounts to be fairly easy to break and not overly simple to use.

Fortunately a company called RAM Mounts out of Washington came out with a nice metal alternative to the QRB5.  The common component to these RAM Mounts is the RAM Quick Release Adapter for Lowrance Elite Devices.  They will fit the slot vacated by the QRB-5 and come coupled with various mounting systems at a very competitive cost.

The best way to purchase one of these adapters is with a mounting kit.  Consider the RAM Flat Surface Mount for Lowrance Elite-3X, Elite-4 and Elite-4X.  This is a 1″ ball mount that has a 2.5 inch round base with pre-drilled holes and a 3″ arm.  The mount is built on a ball and socket design.  There are adjustment points at the base and tip of the mount.  This comes with the typical RAM lifetime warranty.

The Elite-5 is a heavier device and requires a more substantial mount.  The RAM Flat Surface Mount for Lowrance Elite-5, Mark-5, Hook-5 Fishfinders is the heavier version of the mount we just discussed.  This metal mount comes with a 1.5″ ball and a 5.625″ arm.  This is a solid mount that can be used for the smaller Elite-4 and Elite-3 line as well, although it might be overkill for the lighter fishfinder.  These mounts also come with the RAM lifetime warranty.  This is the mount shown in the photo that accompanies this article.

The Elite-7 is a heavier unit that comes with a flat bracket.  This unit is built similarly to the higher end units from Lowrance and do not use a proprietary mount such as the QRB-5 that comes with the Elite-4 and Elite-5.  It’s going to be a simple matter of lining up the holes on the bottom of the bracket with a good solid flat surface mount.  I like the RAM 1.5″ Ball Mount with 6.25″ X 2″ Rectangle Base for this model.  This is a very heavy-duty mount weighing in at approximately two pounds.  The mount is made of powder coated marine grade metal and is appropriate for all environments.  This is built on a ball and socket concept so can be adjusted from the top and bottom.

Another favorite mount of mine for the Elite-7 series is the RAM Single 6″ Swing Arm with 6.25″ X 2″ Rectangle Base.  This is a great mount.  This is a flat surface mount that bolts down.  It features a swing arm that allows the fishfinder to be swung out of the way when not in use.  There are knobs to lock it in place which can be loosened when it’s time to move it.  Made of metal, these also come with a lifetime warranty.

You may have noticed we recommended nothing but RAM Mounts in this article.  RAM seems to have the Lowrance Elite line figured out.  Their custom attachments for the Elite-3, Elite-4 and Elite-5 models are unique.  I haven’t seen them from other manufacturers.  The flat plate mount for the Lowrance Elite-7 is really well-built and will likely outlast your fishfinder but don’t worry, the mount has a fairly universal pattern on the top so there’s a good chance it can be reused if you replace your fishfinder.