Mounting a Flag to a Motorcycle

Mounting a flag to a motorcycleA recent visit to the annual Gooch’s Garlic Run in New Jersey, I took notice of several motorcycles with a flag mounted.  Methods used to mount a flag to a motorcycle varied from homemade to an official mount.  Some of the homemade varieties didn’t look too bad but a few looked a bit shaky.  This article will take a look at a few ways to mount a flag to a motorcycle.

The photo attached to this article is a US flag mounted onto the back of a Harley-Davidson.  That’s normally the model you find American flags attached to.  It’s also a typical method for mounting a flag to a motorcycle where it is mounted to the back.  Makes sense and probably the easiest and most out of the way place to put a flag.

There are several products on the market made for mounting a flag to a motorcycle.  There is no real universal solution for mounting a flag to a motorcycle.  Evaluate each solution as it pertains to your particular motorcycle.  Ensure you have enough clearance for installation and use.  You probably do not want to remove it once in place so be sure it isn’t blocking anything you may need access to.  Most importantly, ensure it is a solid mount and the attachment is steady and will not fly off.

The last thing to mention before looking at a few options is to check the installation frequently.  Motorcycles vibrate and that can loosen screws and nuts.  Check your installation frequently to ensure everything remains tight.  Not just the attachment to the motorcycle, but also check where the flag attaches to the pole.

The first option to consider is the Pro Pad Solid 1/2 Tour Pack Flag Mount With 6 X 9 Flag for Harley.  Made in the USA of hand polished stainless steel, this mounting kit includes an American flag.  This mount fits the 1/2″ round bar typically found on a Harley Tour-Pak luggage rack.  This mount includes a 6″x9″ highway flag.  Allen keys are included for installation.  The mount itself carries a lifetime manufacturer warranty.  While these are marketed for a Harley, they may fit luggage racks on other manufacturer’s motorcycles.  Obviously, if you have a Harley-Davidson with the OEM Tour-Pak luggage rack, this should fit fine.

Next up is the Pro Pad Saddle Bag 3/4″ Guardrail Mount with 6″ x 9″ Flag.  This is another solid entry from the folks at Pro Pad.  These are made to fit the lower bar on the saddlebag guard rail found on most Harley Classics or Road Kings.  It’s made of stainless steel and included a 9″ pole for the 6 x 9 flag.  Like the prior mount, this includes Allen keys for installation.  The mount carries a lifetime warranty.

For a more universal fit, consider the Pro Pad Motorcycle Antenna Flag Mount Kit.  As the name suggests, these fit up to a 1/8″ motorcycle whip antenna.  These mount at the bottom of the antenna base.  The mounting kit includes a 6″ x 9″ US flag, 4″ cable tie, plastic rod and 2 nylon clamps with screws and nuts.

You may also consider a few other locations including the license plate.  We do not go into detail on these types of mounts as they might be painful to fit and install.  A motorcycle license plate is small and it doesn’t take much to cover the license plate (ticket) or brake lights (ticket).  So try to skip the license plate holder if possible and consider a different location to mount a flag to a motorcycle.