How to Mount a Game Trail Camera to a Tree

This is an article for hunters that use a game trail camera such as the Moultrie Mini Game Camera.  Buying the camera is half the fun.  Mounting a game trail camera is the other half of the fun. I suggest a potential game trail camera purchaser give some thought to how the camera will be mounted prior to purchase.  The mounting method and placement may affect the camera that’s purchased.  Also give some thought to the duration of weather exposure.  Will it be outdoors for a few days or a few months? Since the game trail camera will likely live in … Read more

BuckStruck Game and Trail Camera Viewer for Android Smartphones

Happy hunting season.  Time to check your trail cameras attached to trees all over the woods.  That’s where the BuckStruck Game and Trail Camera Viewer for Android Smartphones comes in. There are several of these on the market.  The Buckstruck model is a well priced cable card reader.  The allure around these devices is convenience.  You can pop the micro SD or full sized SD card out of your game camera in the middle of the woods and use the Buckstruck Game and Trail Camera Viewer to see what is on the card and even download the images to your phone. … Read more

BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer for Smartphones

It’s hunting season here in New Jersey and I just discovered a product that’s innovative and real useful.   It’s called the BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer (and for Android see BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer for Android Phones). The marketing angle of this device is for hunters but it’s applicable to anybody that wants to read some files from an SD or Micro SD memory card.  BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer is a small card reader that can attach to your smartphone.  There are two models.  One comes with a micro USB cable to plug into an Android phone. … Read more

Mounting a Stealth Cam Game Scouting Camera to a Tree

Stealth Cam is one of the largest manufacturers of scouting cameras for hunters.  One of their popular models is the Stealth Cam No-Glo Game Camera and most of their cameras have a similar design to this which we will use as the example for our mount discussion.  The cameras have varying degrees of features.  Most are motion activated and the better ones have infrared features to allow it to be used at night.  The photos are typically written to an SD Card which the owner can swap out on a regular basis and take home to see what’s around and what time of … Read more