Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Car Phone MountThe Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Car Mount is a new entry in the magnetic mount assortment available on the market.  Magnetic mounts have been available for several years and have gotten better over time.

(Disclosure:  Unlike most of the products reviewed on, this one was free from the manufacturer. The review is our honest unbiased opinion of the product and not influenced in any way.)

The Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Car Mount is a low profile dash variety of magnetic mount.  Low profile means it sits almost flush to the mounting surface and doesn’t protrude upwards with an arm or stalk.

A photo of the Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Car Mount accompanies this article.  This is the part that attaches to the dash.  The small flat round surface attaches to a horizontal or vertical position on the dashboard via an included adhesive disk.

Like any adhesive mount, be sure the surface is clean especially of any oils or dirt.  Peel the back of the adhesive off the bottom of the mounting base and attach it to your desired location.  We advise allowing any adhesive mount to sit 24 hours unused to help get the best adhesion.  Also do not apply an adhesive mount is extreme temperatures.  Just our experience.

The mounting base consists of two components with an adhesive base attached to a ball and another flat round plate.  This resulting ball and socket design is what allows the mount to pivot and swivel 360 degrees.

A third component of the Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Car Mount consists of a metal adhesive plate that attaches to the back of your device.  If you have a hard case, the metal plate would attach to the case.  Several different sizes are included.  In our experience, rubber or silicone cases complicate things so try to avoid these types of cases with magnetic mounts.

Take some time to figure out how you want to position your phone in this mount as you want the metal adhesive plate to be properly balanced.

The Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Car Mount is one of the stronger magnetic entries we have tested.  It worked well in our normal everyday drive along some New Jersey roads in December.  Like any good magnetic mount, these should be fine for a normal drive in a passenger car, probably not the best choice for off-road or rugged environments.

Our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in a hard case held onto the mount quite well in landscape mode using the largest adhesive disk.  It’s a strong mount that should work well for most smartphones, perhaps a smaller GPS.

The benefit of a magnetic mount is ease in attaching your device.  Just position the device with metal plate near the magnetic mount and it sticks to the mount.  Be sure to position the metal plate where it gets the best magnetic adhesion.  To take your phone off the mount, simply pull it off.  No cradles to worry about.

The Ideas4Comfort Magnetic Phone Car Mount is a good choice for those looking for a stronger magnetic mount on the dash.  It worked well for us during our New Jersey drives with a larger smartphone.