E-ZPass Holders and Mounts for Cars and Trucks

JL Safety E -ZPass Toll Pass HolderI recently purchased a new car.  My Nissan Murano has been a lot of fun to drive.  So much fun, that I forgot to switch my E-ZPass from my old car to the new one.  It was home sitting on my kitchen counter.  Fortunately I realized it prior to my next trip on the beautiful New Jersey Turnpike.

E-ZPass is a necessary evil if living anywhere that has toll roads, bridges and tunnels.  Even our airport’s short term parking lots take E-ZPass.  Using this little device saves time because you don’t have to stop to pay the toll.  You just drive through and something in the air reads it.  The E-ZPass used to be this large rectangular box.  Now it’s about the size of a small pill bottle but rectangular.  Well not quite rectangular, that would be too easy to deal with.

When the E-ZPass is shipped to you, they include these clear plastic tape strips.  Two go on your windshield, another two are already attached onto the E-ZPass itself.  When I traded in my old car, the old strips were already attached to it.  I need more tape!

Easy I said, I’ll just contact E-ZPass and request more.  Nowhere on that site is there anywhere that tells you how to request more tape.  At least nowhere that I could see.  So I called them.  I was placed on hold and gave up after twenty minutes.  So I abandoned ship and decided to find an alternative solution to what should be a simple problem to fix.

By the way, is this thing actually spelled E-ZPass?  You may have thought they would spell it Easy Pass.  Maybe EZ Pass or E-Z Pass.  Nope.  I checked.  It’s spelled E-ZPass.  Ridiculous.  There needs to be a space between the Z and the P.  In fact, to protest I’m going to call it EZ Pass for the rest of the article.  But I digress.

So it’s off to find a way to get E-ZPass setup in my new car.  Turns out there are a few ways to do this.

See the photo that accompanies this article?  That’s my EZ Pass mounted in my new Murano.  This is the JL Safety EZ Pass Toll Pass Holder.  It’s a fairly straightforward mount to use.  There’s a large suction cup attached to a rigid metal bar.  The EZ Pass simply  fits under the metal arm.  You then stick the suction cup to your car’s windshield.  I like to put it just below the rear view mirror so it doesn’t block my view and the reader has no trouble communicating with it.  Be sure to clean your windshield well prior to adhesion to avoid it falling off while on the Turnpike or your favorite toll road.

The EZ Pass Toll Tag Holder is made by a company called USCAN.  This is a clear holder.  This mount will fit the new smaller EZ Pass and the older larger model.  There’s a pair of suction cups.  One on each side.  The EZ Pass slides into the clear holder.  I liked the JL Safety model better because it has that large suction cup.  Just felt more secure with it but I’m sure this one would work quite well too.

If you’re old school, you can always buy some replacement strips.  Check out the Replacement E-ZPass Mounting Strips which are distributed by a company called Toll Tape.  The company actually makes a living selling replacement tape for EZ Pass holders.  That’s brilliant.  Define a need a fill it.  These look like the same strips that came with your EZ Pass.

So, I’m back in action with my E-ZPass, EZ Pass or however you want to spell it.  Easy to install and remove.  Unlike the tape, I can take it with me and put it into a rental car.  Doesn’t take much to make me happy.