Marine Radio Antenna Mounts

We haven’t written about mounts for marine purposes in awhile so today we have an article on marine radio antenna mounts.  These are mounts made for external antennas for VHF radios. Before selecting a marine radio antenna mount, there are a few basic things to consider.  First off, hopefully you already have your antenna selected.  Be sure the thread pattern is going to match the mount.  Most antennas use a 1″ – 14 thread pattern.  Most antennas have a female ending and the mounts have a male ending.  You just screw the antenna onto the mount.  Also, take notice of the length … Read more

Drink Holders for a Boat

Drink holders for a boat.  You can never have enough.  Sometimes, you have none.  We are going to look at ways to add cup holders to your boat. Placing your drink in any marine environment isn’t as straight forward as putting a mug on your living room coffee table.  Unlike a boat, your home isn’t going to move from side to side.  This means that you need a method to hold your drink stable and not let it tip over or have the contents splash out of the cup, glass, can or mug.  Outside of sipping your drink out of … Read more

Transducer Mounts

Mounting a transducer properly is critically important to optimal usage.  You will want to be sure the transducer is installed at the waterline.  The more air between your transducer and the water, the less effective it will be in detecting what’s below your boat. Most transducers come with a basic mounting kit.  The majority of transducers sold include a transom mounting kit which is used to attach the device to the back of the boat.  Typically, these are the easiest to install and remove.  These are the best for most trailered boats.  This requires drilling some holes in your boat … Read more

Scotty Fishing Rod Mounts and Holders

Scotty is a Canadian based company that distributes their products globally.  They concentrate on marine accessories with a heavy emphasis on mounting products. Scotty offers a component based line of mounts meaning you can purchase a base and a holder and they are all interchangeable components.  The vast majority of Scotty rod holders are post mount rod holders.  The posts have indents on them and they are inserted into the Scotty bases with a push and turn.  The holders are fairly easy to install and remove and this means that you can install multiple bases on your boat and then … Read more

The AMPS Mounting Pattern is Used All Over the Place

The mounting industry does not have an official standard but the AMPS pattern might be as close as you can get (at least for small electronics).  The AMPS pattern is a series of four holes aligned in a rectangular pattern.  Some manufacturers use two of the four holes while maintaining the standard pattern spacing dimensions.  Manufacturers that have mounts that align to this pattern are Bracketron, RAM, Arkon and Pro-clip.  There are many others as well. We see this pattern being used mostly for small electronics.  As you get into larger devices such as displays and televisions, the AMPS pattern is simply … Read more

Marine Electronics Mounting Accessories for Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird

Ahoy.  Have a Fishfinder, Chartplotter or GPS and the stock mounting bracket isn’t cutting it?  Common problem. Most marine electronics are larger than your typical GPS unit and coupled with the unique requirements of using your device on a boat, a need for something larger and more flexible than a flush mount might be required.  You want that mount to be rugged and resistant to the elements.  Many aftermarket mounts couple with your current bracket to add a more secure grasp to your device while allowing it to be moved to a more convenient location, often closer to the user or even … Read more