Attachments for Brodit ProClip Vehicle Specific Mounts

Arkon MG2APAMPSVHB is a great attachment for ProClip Vehicle Specific MountsProClip is a line of vehicle specific mounts made by a company called Brodit.  ProClip is one of a few lines of mounts that are made to provide a somewhat custom fit within a vehicle.  The ProClip line of mounts include those with suction cups and a few other places.  For purposes of this article, we are only discussing attachments for the vehicle specific lineup.  These are the ones that attach to the dash.

ProClip vehicle specific mounts are a one piece solution that attaches somewhere onto the dash.  Unlike some other vehicle specific mounts that require dismantling the dash, the ProClip line often clips somewhere onto your dashboard.  For example, the ProClip for my 2016 Nissan Murano clips to where my front middle vents are located.  In general, you don’t need to drill any holes nor remove any dash panels to use a ProClip vehicle specific mount.  Nice (and appreciated) concept.

The ProClip vehicle specific mount has four holes on the front in what is called the AMPS mounting pattern.  This is an industry standard mounting pattern that other manufacturers can adhere to.  In the case of a ProClip vehicle specific mount, it facilitates the attachment of adapters, holders and cradles to hold devices like smartphones and GPS units.

The most common accessory for attachment to ProClip vehicle specific mounts will be a phone such as an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.  There are a few good manufacturers that make adapters and cradles to fit the required AMPS pattern.  I like to use universal solutions versus a device specific one.  That way, when you upgrade your phone, there’s no need to go out and buy a new adapter.  Hence, all of the recommendations are for universal solutions where possible.

I have recommended and used the Arkon VSM Smartphone Adapter Kit before.  A photo of this accessory accompanies this article.  This kit includes the 4-hole AMPS plate needed to attach to ProClip vehicle specific mounts.  This attachment will pivot and swivel.  This feature allows movement of the phone into landscape which is often preferred with GPS applications such as Waze (my favorite GPS app).  The cradle opens to 3.6 inches so will fit almost any phone with or without a case or skin.  It grips the phone tightly from the sides.  There aren’t any bottom supports but the grip is quite tight so holding power isn’t an issue.  There is an included adhesive strip which will not be used for this application.

So here’s a great feature of the prior adapter.  Remove the cradle from the AMPS adapter and you have a 17mm ball.  The back of your Garmin GPS has a 17mm socket that attaches to the ball.  These fit all Garmin car GPS devices made over the past ten years including Nuvi, Drive and DriveAssist.  So this Arkon adapter kit can be used for a smartphone or GPS.  Nice.

You can use ProClip Vehicle Specific Mounts to attach a Sirius Satellite Radio.  The Arkon Satellite Radio AMPS Mount is one of the few solutions for a Sirius / XM Radio on the market.  It has the required AMPS pattern and mounting screws.  Included is a second AMPS plate which attaches to the back of most Sirius Radio docks.  There is also a single T attachment which is normally used with older XM models.  The satellite radio can swivel and pivot towards the driver using the ball and socket feature that’s part of this attachment.

That’s about all that I can think of when it comes to what you would attach to ProClip vehicle specific mounts.  When it comes to these types of mounts, I like to keep it lightweight.  Phones and GPS devices fits well but I think that tablets are a little too heavy hence the absence of a tablet recommendation.