Problem Fixed: Bluetooth Switches Off on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This is a public service announcement.  A little off topic for the MountGuys site.  I spend a few weeks dealing with this.  Why should you.  My Bluetooth switches off on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 6.1.  All without my prompting and quite unexpected.  Here’s how to troubleshoot and fix it.  You won’t believe what finally did it. Spoiler alert:  skip to the end of this article if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and try that first. So here’s my problem.  The Bluetooth would turn off for no apparent reason.  I could be in the middle of a … Read more

How to Use Bluetooth for Everything Except Waze

Let’s say you want to use Bluetooth for every application and phone call.  Except Waze.  This article will show you how to use Bluetooth for everything except Waze. But first, what’s the issue?  My new Nissan Murano has a lot of nice technology embedded in it.  It’s far more advanced than the Acura MDX I traded in.  The audio system allows the driver to select FM, AM, CD, Sirius and Bluetooth.  I like to listen to Sirius or FM.  My phone is set to always have Bluetooth on when I’m in the car in case I get any calls. The … Read more

Mount a Sirius XM Radio on your Motorcycle

Want to listen to Sirius XM Radio on your motorcycle?  There are three things to take care of.  Where to put it, how to power it, how to hear it.  This overview is applicable to most SiriusXM radios made over the past ten years so there is a good chance that what you have will apply. For power, a universal hardwire kit such as the Eklipse Charging System is what you need.  These universal adapters have an ending that is a receptacle shaped like your car accessory lighter.  It has an end cap that can be closed when not in use and will attach … Read more