Using Battery Tender on a Motorcycle

Battery Tender is a company that manufactures a line of battery chargers and accessories.  These are very commonly used with motorcycles.  It’s especially handy in colder climates where your motorcycle may not be used for long stretches of time, especially the winter months.  A lot of motorcycle owners simply attach a ring terminal harness to their battery, secure it in a safe place, and leave it plugged in to run a charger or accessory cables.  It serves a nice dual purpose as a Battery Tender charging connection as well as accessory cable.  We will explain more. Most start with a kit such as the … Read more

Eklipes Cobra Motorcycle Hardwire USB Charging System

The Eklipes Cobra Motorcycle Hardwire USB Charging System is an excellent addition for most motorcycles. It includes everything needed to enable  a power outlet onto your bike. This hardwire solution is one of the most cost-effective and functional that I have seen.  If you are looking to power your device on your bike, this is what you need.  Most hardwire kits have a pair of bare wires, a fuse in the middle then either a 12-volt DC outlet or a mini-USB at the end without an on/off switch.  This power outlet includes not only a DC outlet but also a USB port and … Read more

How to Hardwire your Garmin GPS with Traffic to a Motorcycle

Garmin, why did you integrate the traffic receiver into the cable?  A lot of owners of a Garmin GPS don’t even realize this is the case.  You would be amazed of how many people we heard from over the years that never realized this.  They would lose the charger then buy an inexpensive GPS charger, plug it in, and voila, no traffic! I’m not a cable expert so can’t tell you why Garmin opted for this design.  Each traffic GPS has the actual traffic subscription tied into the cable itself.  This means if the charger stops working or you left … Read more

How to Hardwire your GPS to a Motorcycle or Car

Many GPS owners, especially motorcycle owners, would like to power their GPS while in use.  For most car owners, it’s an easy task to simply use the included charger and simply plug into the accessory port.  Not so for a motorcycle.  If not one of the lucky few to have an accessory port on your motorcycle, the likely solution is to either wire up an accessory port or hardwire your GPS to your motorcycle battery.  I always like to steer this task towards a motorcycle dealer but many motorcycle owners have the confidence and sometimes the ability to do it … Read more