Tablet Floor Stands and Table Mounts

Tablet Floor Stands and Table MountsI was recently doing a Facetime conversation with a relative on my Apple iPad which went on for almost an hour.  Holding your tablet for an hour in a position where the other person can see you during a video conversation isn’t as easy as you may think.  Your arm gets tired.  Real tired.  Using tablet floor stands for this purpose accomplishes two feats.  First, the arm fatigue is eliminated.  Secondly, by placing the tablet further away, you have more freedom to move around without leaving the visibility of the camera and person you are speaking with.  Most tablet stands are easy to store in a corner of the room or a closet when not in use although you may wind up leaving it where it is once you get it in a good position.

There is a wide variety of tablet floor stands available.  Some have custom cradles which, as readers of our site are already aware, we do not favor.  Most tablet owners will use a case or skin for protection which means that your device will not fit inside a custom cradle.  Using a universal cradle will get you around that issue plus the next time you purchase a new tablet to replace the one you have, you have use the same mount and not have to buy another.

I have used a few different tablet floor stands.  Prices of these mounts vary from $20 and up.  Speaking from personal experience, the less expensive floor stands are poorly made and will break quickly.  I tried the $20 model and the cradle broke within a week.  Additionally the mount was so light that it tilted over from the weight of my tablet.  Buying a stand with a metal rod accompanied by stable support legs or feet is recommended to avoid tipping over.

The first mount that we will discuss is one that I use regularly.  It’s made by a company called Arkon out of California and called the TAB-STAND2.  It is what I would refer to as a table stand.  This is a real well made mount.  The arm is made of metal and the cradle is expandable to hold tablets that range up to 12 inches.  This would include all of the Apple iPad models including the Mini.  It also holds all of the Samsung Galaxy tablet models.  The ten inch mount has a nice swivel feature that permits moving your tablet from portrait to landscape.  You can remove your tablet by pushing a button on the side which will expand the arms.  It’s lightweight, less than two pounds and it’s easy to store when not in use.

Arkon also makes a larger version of the previously mentioned mount called the TAB-STAND1.  It uses the same cradle but this one is made for floor use.  The arm is also made of metal and extends from 24 to 48 inches.  The support feet are large and the stand is not going to easily tip over.  I have used this stand in an office environment and it worked real well as it allowed me to use the tablet without taking up any desk real estate.  My desk is like a bomb hit it.  I need all the space I can get.  This mount allowed me to use my tablet and never lose it in the mess.

A recent discovery is the CTA Digital Gooseneck Floor Stand.  This stand has a unique gooseneck feature that means that the top half can be bent to any angle.  This one is made of metal and plastic and stands 4 feet high but that’s dependent upon the angle of the gooseneck top.  It’s a bit lighter than the Arkon TAB-STAND1 and comes with a universal cradle that will fit the iPad line as well as the majority of tablets available.

These tablet floor stands and table stands will allow you to use your tablet hands-free in almost any environment.  If you are a constant Facetime user as we are, you will appreciate having a stand available for your tablet.