Mounts for the VSN Mobil V.360 HD Camera

Mounts for the VSN Mobil V.360 HD CameraThe VSN Mobil V.360 HD Camera is amazing.  The camera has some unique features that I haven’t seen in any other camera.  The V.360 Camera allows recording of 360 degree videos at up to 30 frames per second with a 60 degree vertical field of view at an impressive 6480 x 1080 HD.  For still photos, the V.360 supports capture of high resolution 360 degree 8MP panoramic images, even while recording a video.

Have you ever watched a crime caught on video while viewing the evening news?  Most cameras are so poor that you can’t possible make out any useful features of the person committing the crime.  This is the absolute ultimate in surveillance cameras.  The V.360 has a feature called Activate Surveillance mode which is activated using built-in motion or audio detection sensors.

Unlike many premium cameras on the market today, VSN Mobil has incorporated support of industry standard mounting patterns for this camera.  A real nice feature of these cameras is the support of the industry standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw pattern on the bottom of the camera.  That’s the same mounting pattern as a common tripod.  The camera kit also comes with a GoPro adapter in the box in case you have one of their mounts.  The support of these two mounting patterns provides an endless array of mounting possibilities of which we will touch on in the remainder of this article.

Put some thought to where you want to put the camera.  In the car, the most common places are the dash and windshield.  For surveillance, the wall is the place to go.  And in certain action camera situations, a handlebar or flat surface might be appropriate.  Regardless of location, this is a substantial camera so use a heavy duty mount.

There are two different types of vehicle dash mounts.  The first, and most widely used, is a dashboard mount that uses an adhesive bottom.  Be sure the adhesive is a very high bond (VHB).  Prior to attaching your VHB adhesive mount, wipe the dash absolutely clean, apply the adhesive mount and let it sit for at least 24 hours.  Try to avoid applying in very cold weather.  The Arkon Adhesive Car Dash Camera Mount is a well made selection and that’s what is shown in the photo that accompanies this article.  I like this because it is low in profile, uses VHB adhesive on the bottom and is very steady.

The second type of dash mount involves the use of a bean bag  with a non skid base.  Arkon again comes in with a very good Friction Car Dash Mount for Cameras which features their very good CM012 bean bag base which we have reviewed in an earlier article.  The benefits of the mount include easy portability because there isn’t any adhesive involved.  Simply remove the entire mount.  We suggest using their unique safety anchor which ensures your mount stays on the dash.  Another nice feature of this mount is that the mount can also double as a suction variety.

The windshield requires a steady mount that isn’t going to move when you hit a bump.  We recommend the RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Camera Mount for it’s build and support abilities.  The mount comes with a 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw and 3″ extension arm.  The suction cup has a twist lock to ensure a good hold.  Always wash the windshield with an alcohol based cleaner before using to ensure the best hold.  This mount is made of mostly metal and comes with a lifetime warranty.  Yes, it cost more than the plastic varieties mentioned above, however the advantages make it a worthwhile purchase.  Your video will be extremely stable with this mount.  An optional accessory to this mount for dashboard use is the RAM Adhesive Base.  This permits adhesion of the suction cup portion of the mount to this base to turn it into a dashboard mount.

For the handlebar, the RAM Motorcycle Handlebar Mount with 1/4″ Stud is a solid choice.  The mount fits handlebar diameters up to 1.25 inches and the 3″ metal arm will pivot and swivel.  This is one of the most solid and steady motorcycle mounts out there due to the anti-vibration technology inherent to the ball and socket design of the mount.