Mounts for the Garmin Approach Golf GPS

Mounts for the Garmin Approach Golf GPSThe Garmin Approach GPS line for golf enthusiasts have been out for a number of years and have been through at least five generations of handheld devices plus several generations of models worn on the wrist.  Today we will concentrate on the handheld models of mounts for the Garmin Approach Golf GPS lineup.  The most popular locations to mount a golf GPS has always been the cup holder or windshield of an electric golf cart or the handlebar of a pull cart or the golf bag itself.  We will discuss all of these options in detail.

Most of the models that comprise the Approach line are actually modifications to Garmin’s mainstream handheld line.  For example, the Approach G5 was a map modification to the Garmin Oregon handheld GPS.  As Garmin announced new hardware refreshes to the handheld line, they came up with a new generation of Approach by simply altering the maps from trails or roads to golf courses.  So if you know which model your Approach is modeled from, you can select an equivalent Garmin or other custom mount.  In many cases, you can select a universal golf mount as well.

We always like universal mounts when possible.  The first advantage is ease in inserting your GPS and removing it regardless of if you use a protective case or not.  The second and probably most important advantage is the ability to use the mount for future GPS upgrades so if you buy another new GPS several years from now, there is a possibility you may not need to purchase another mount.

The most popular location for mounting a Garmin Approach is the cup holder of your golf cart.  The Bracketron Golf Cart Cup Holder Mount offers an expandable cradle that opens to approximately four inches wide so it will grab the Garmin Approach from the sides.  The cradle has movable side grips so that you can move them up or down and avoid pressing of any side controls.  The bottom has an expandable base that can be made wider to contour to the size of the cup holder by twisting the top of the base.

For pull carts, the best place to mount your Garmin Approach is the handlebar.  Most handlebars on a pull cart are an inch in diameter.  Bracketron also make an excellent Universal Caddy Strap Mount.  This mount uses a somewhat similar cradle as the cup holder variety.  It also includes an adjustable strap that is easy to install and remove.  It fits diameters larger than an inch and is tightened by pulling on the strap and removed by pulling up on the tab and loosening the strap.

You can also attach your Garmin Approach to the golf bag itself.  This is accomplished by borrowing on the design that is normally used to mount a GPS or cell phone to a sun visor of a car.  The Bracketron golf bag mount is what you need.  It also borrows the same cradle from the previously mentioned mounts and slips over the top of your golf bag.

You can also take a look at custom mounts that are made by Garmin with the understanding that you may need to purchase a new mount when you upgrade your GPS as the cradle that is included is specific to that GPS model.  The G6/G7/G8 models share a Garmin Universal Mount Kit from Garmin that will mount to most pull cart handlebars.  The Approach G3 model can use the flat surface mount that is normally sold for the Oregon and Colorado line.

My personal take on this topic is to stick with the universal mounts made by Bracketron.  The ability to reuse it when you upgrade will save you some money plus the options available with this lineup are ones that are not available from Garmin.  I never could figure out why Garmin does not offer a cup holder mount especially for the golf line but fortunately it’s available from Bracketron.  I prefer the cup holder to other locations as it’s out of the way and in a safe location within the golf cart.