Mounts for Can-Am Spyder

Can-Am SpyderToday, we focus on mounts for Can-Am Spyder.  These specialty vehicles present unique challenges in finding the proper mounts for cameras, cell phones or GPS units.

Mount Analysis

Depending upon which model from Can-Am you may have, traditional motorcycle mounts may not work.  The reason for traditional motorcycle mounts not working is that the vast majority of bikes deploy a handlebar mount that fits up to 1.25 inches in diameter.  A Can-Am Spyder, for example, does not have a traditional handlebar.  This necessitates some creative thinking on the part of the owners as well as the manufacturers of mounting solutions.  In fact, it knocks many of the popular mount manufacturers out of contention.  Fortunately we know of a few options which we will discuss within this article.

Axiom went out of their way to design a series of specialty mounts made specifically for the Can-Am Spyder.  These mounts will attach to the stem on the handlebar of your Can-Am Spyder.  The Spyder TV Custom Stainless Steel Bolt w/ 1″ RAM Ball has a  1-inch ball on the end and this matches perfectly with a standard mounting arm and cradle from a larger company called RAM Mounts.

Speaking of RAM Mounts, they make a terrific option for those with extremely wide handlebars.  Their U-Bolt Strap Base will fit diameters up to 3.15 inches.  This mounting base features a strap similar to a pipe clamp.  The mount base comes with a rubber strip to protect marring your handlebar.  This mount attaches by fitting the it around any circular surface then tightening the bolt for a firm hold.  You can also find this mount packaged with a wide variety of GPS cradles.

Add this RAM Arm and Phone Cradle to either of the above mounting balls and you now have an extremely sturdy phone mount.  Nice part about the RAM components is their lifetime warranty.

There is a wide variety of arms and adapters available for the 1-inch RAM balls ranging from GoPro to standard tripod screws to a tablet cradle.


I have seen some other options deployed on a Can-Am that involve adhesive but not a fan of these types of mounts in rugged environments.  Lots of extreme vibration can compromise adhesive mounts so avoid them if going offroad.

We recommend tethering your devices to your vehicle, even with a secure mount.  The mounts mentioned within this article are well made, but most riders are taking their Can-Am ATVs offroad and this isn’t a typical environment.  Some extra care is necessary in these environments to secure your devices.  You can easily do this with a small bungee cord.