Gooch’s Garlic Run 2012

We attend this event each year.  This is the 25th annual Gooch’s Garlic Run. Roughly 2000 motorcyclists from all over attend the event.  For the first 23 years they would ride to Little Italy in NYC but a few neighbors complained and the city banned them.  So now they keep it within New Jersey with a ride to Ferry Street in Newark where they are quite accommodating.  We like looking at the variety of bikes and of course, all of the mounts we discuss on this site can be found on many.  The most popular mounts in use are those for GPS units, phones and drinks.  We see mounts that range from heavy duty metal to icky twist ties.  I still can’t get over how someone can spend $20,000 on a bike and then use twist ties to attach their GPS but I’ll save that for another article.

The proceeds of the event go to needy children in New Jersey and is sponsored by the Blue Knights of New Jersey.  Gooches Garlic Run now has their own Facebook Page to visit.  If you would like to participate in the coming Gooch’s Garlic Run, visit their site.