Kymco Scooter Mounts for Phones, GPS and Cameras

Kymco ScooterThis is our second scooter mount article.  A recent inquiry led us to investigate the topic of device mounts for a Kymco Xciting scooter.  Kymco manufactures a large variety of scooters ranging from the entry-level 50cc Super 8 to the top of the line Xciting 500Ri ABS.  We are going to give some ideas on how to mount cameras, smartphones and GPS units.

Mounting devices on any scooter is more challenging than placing them on a motorcycle.  That’s because most scooters aren’t built like motorcycles.  A motorcycle typically has some empty space on the handlebar where a clamp can easily be fitted to hold almost anything.  Most scooters don’t have that large of a handlebar.  Kymco scooters are no different from most others in that mounting locations are limited.  Fortunately there are alternative specialty mounts that will fit a Kymco scooter.

There are three good locations for mounting devices on a Kymco Scooter which are discussed below.  I really don’t know where you could attach a suction cup but if you are tempted to use a suction cup somewhere on your Kymco Scooter, we don’t recommend it.  Suction cups in high vibration environments can become loose and fall off so we suggest using one of the three methods outlined below.

As I said at the beginning, mounts for a Kymco Scooter are hard to come by because it’s not a motorcycle, it’s a scooter, and this makes a big difference.  There are dozens of manufacturers that make handlebar mounts for traditional motorcycles, but these scooters do not have a traditional handlebar.  Save your time and money.  Handlebar mounts aren’t going to fit well at all.  But there are other options from a leading manufacturer that has been around for a long time called RAM Mounts.  This company is based in the United States.

First let’s discuss mounting a smartphone.  I think that’s the most popular device for mounting these days.  We continue to recommend the RAM X-Grip holders for this purpose.  We wrote a very detailed article on the X-Grip cradle which you can read here.  I highly suggest using a good case for your phone when mounting to your scooter.  Rock chips, insects, other road debris are sure to hit your phone.  Protect it with a good case like an Otterbox Defender, which is my favorite for this purpose and the one that I use.  We always recommend tethering your device for added security.  RAM recently added a tether to these X-Grip cradles at no additional charge, so be sure to buy one from recent stock or add a tether.

All model scooters are made a little differently so be certain to check your specs and look carefully at the location to ensure you will be comfortable and safe with the device mounted wherever you are considering.

A very popular location for almost any scooter is the base of the mirror stem.  This is the hole where your mirror is installed.  To install these, you will need to remove the mirror stem, place the stem through the hole at the base of the mount, add a washer, then reinstall the mirror stem.  It’s not difficult and the install may look a little cleaner than attaching directly to the mirror stem as outlined in the prior paragraph.  Be sure the end install is safe, secure and up to the rigors of a vibrating engine.

The RAM Mirror Stem Base features an 11mm hole which will fit most mirror stems.  If using the mount for a phone, go with the RAM Mirror Hole Mount for SmartPhones.  That’s the one that is pictured in this article.   This is everything you need as it included the mirror base with mounting hole, extension arm and the X-Grip IV cradle which is good for smartphones up to 4.5 inches wide.  The cradle can also hold a standard GPS.  I like this cradle because it will open large enough to hold your phone with a thick case.  You can also add a RAM Tripod Base with 1″ Ball to complete the kit for a camera if you like.

The next location for discussion is attachment to the brake fluid reservoir.  The Ram Double Ball Motorcycle Offset Reservoir Cover Mount fits many Kymco reservoir covers typically using the middle screw holes on the top of the mounting plate.  This mount doesn’t replace your brake reservoir cover but attaches to the top of it using included screws.  Adding a RAM X-Grip IV SmartPhone Holder to this mount will give you a good smartphone setup.  For a camera, add the RAM Tripod Base with 1″ Ball to complete the kit for a camera.

All of the RAM Mounts we discussed above include a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  There aren’t many companies that offer a lifetime warranty.  These mounts are made extremely well and it’s unusual that anyone ever needs to engage them for a warranty claim.  Most of the components are made of marine grade powder coated metal.  These mounts hold up extremely well to the elements and should last you a long time.