Home Mounts and Tripods for Foscam Pan and Tilt Cameras

Foscam Pan and Tilt CameraMy first purchase of this brand was the Foscam FI8910W Indoor Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera.  A good camera to customize but somewhat difficult to work with.  Unlike consumer oriented cameras such as a Nest Cam, these are made for customers with an IT background.  It’s not something that you can intuitively setup and get working out of the box without reading the instructions.  Even after reading the instructions, you need to poke around the internet to find things out.

Many owners of these cameras are unaware of the presence of a mounting screw hole on the bottom of the camera.  Turn the camera upside down and note the screw hole.  That’s a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole.  This means that many tripods and standard camera mounts will fit Foscam Pan and Tilt Cameras.  These are fairly large cameras so lightweight mounts aren’t recommended.  A heavy duty mount is required to hold the weight.  Mounts will attach from the bottom of the camera.

So, let’s look at some home mounts and tripods for Foscam Pan and Tilt Cameras.  Again, we will look at heavier duty mounts to hold the weight of these bulky cameras and will recommend mounts that can be adjusted to facilitate the best angle.

The standard tripod screw opens this up to an entire category of mounts made for your average everyday camera.  Great design idea.

Consider the Arkon Camera Wall Mount for CCTV POV Camcorders Cameras.  This is a wall mount.  Attach this metal mount to a wall and use the three adjustment points to get the proper angle.  If you don’t mind driving some screws into your wall, this makes a great mount.  Unlike placing the camera on a table, it sits unobstructed perched to this mount.  Nothing will get in the way of the wide-angle lens providing an unobstructed view of the action.  This type of mount adds to the stealth abilities of a Foscam camera.

Consider deploying the Fat Gecko Mini Camera and Camcorder Mount.  It’s a well made mount that adjusts at the base and tip sufficiently to get the right angle for the best video when mounted on a window.  The three-inch suction cup has a vacuum lock for a more secure hold.  There’s an extension arm included with the mount that we suggest using to make it easier to get the right angle.  It’s going to attach to the camera using the tripod hole on the bottom.  The mount is made to hold up to four pounds, so can hold the weight of the Foscam entry.

Lastly, we will recommend a good tripod. Consider the Acuvar 50″ Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod which works well with Foscam Pan and Tilt Cameras.  Just screw the bottom of the camera to the tripod and adjust the head.  Place it in an area where you aren’t going to knock it over.  Also think about a pet knocking into it.  The camera is easy to install and remove from the tripod.  Just a matter of turning it so the tripod screw engages.

Any of these three mounts will work well and help get even better video angles on your camera.  All are well made and support the screw hole on the bottom of Foscam Pan and Tilt Cameras.