Help My Scotty Mount is Too Short

The angled extension arm is perfect for Scotty mounts and holders that are too shortIf you are reading this article, you likely already own a Scotty Mount or Rod Holder.  As you may have already realized, the mount is modular and there is a tremendous amount of flexibility with these configurations.  You may have purchased your mount as part of a kit which included a base and a custom rod or accessory holder with a post on the bottom.  After installing it on your vessel, you realized that it isn’t as tall as it may have looked in the photo.

Fortunately the people at Scotty already thought about this and have come up with a variety of ways to make your mount taller or even angled with an extension.

The Scotty Rod Holder Height Extender extends the height of the Scotty mount or rod holder by 6.5 inches.  Like other Scotty mount components, the height extender is made from re-enforced nylon.  The work with all Scotty posts including the rod holders, fishfinder mounts, camera mounts – basically anything with a standard Scotty post on the bottom.  Installation is simple.  You just need to remove the post that is attached to the current mounting accessory.  That’s typically done by turning the flywheel on the side.  Do this over a table to make sure screws aren’t dropped and lost.  Just replace the current post component with this height extender and tighten that flywheel.  You just added 6.5 inches to the height.  Like the post that you just replaced, this is going to fit into the Scotty mounting base with the round hole.  These work with the locking and non-locking bases.

The Scotty Rod Holder Chrome Extension is another way to increase the height of your Scotty mount or rod holder.  Unlike the extension just described in the prior paragraph, this one supplements your current Scotty post.  Remove your post mount from the base, insert this chrome extension.  Now insert your Scotty post holder into this extension.  This is going to add 8.5 inches in height and dresses your Scotty mount up a little with the chrome extension shaft.

My favorite way to make a Scotty mount longer is the Scotty Gear Head Mount Extender.  That’s the extender that is shown in the photo that accompanies this article.  I like this because of the ability to angle the holder.  The Scotty Hear Head extension arm is perfect for people whose rod holder or mount is too short.  The bottom inserts into any standard Scotty base such as the 241 or 241L rectangular mounting base.  It fits just like your current holder does.  However, there is an extension arm attached to the post with a flywheel.  The extension in the middle is 6.5 inches in length.  At the end of the Gear Head extender is another adjustment point with a flywheel and your holder’s post inserts into the tip of the Gear Head.  With the Gear Head installed, your rod holder can now be angled closer to the user and even swung out of the way when not in use.

I would suggest using these with the Scotty Locking Side Deck Mounting Bracket for an easier adjustment experience whenever using an extension.  It’s likely that users of a mount extension are adjusting or removing their mount more frequently than those that use the shorter Scotty mounts and holders.  The Locking Side Deck Mounting Bracket makes adjusting or removing the post mounts much easier versus the standard mounting bracket.

These three methods of extending your Scotty Mount are all made by Scotty so they will fit your existing Scotty setup.