Help My RAM Mount is Too Short

Two RAM-B-201U arms attached by a RAM-B-230U connectorIf you are reading this article, you likely already own a RAM Mount.  As you may have already realized, the mount is modular and there is a tremendous amount of flexibility with these configurations.  You may have purchased your mount as part of a kit which included a base, an arm, a mounting diamond and a custom cradle.  After installing it on your motorcycle or in your car or boat, you realized that it isn’t as tall as it may have looked in the photo.

On a one inch ball mount, the standard size arm is three inches from tip to tip and that may be too short.  There are a few options that can be pursued to make the arm longer.  The easiest thing to do is replace your 3 inch standard arm with RAM’s longest model which is the 6 inch RAM-B-201U-C.  That will provide double the length versus your current arm and to recoup the cost you can likely sell your 3 inch arm online for a few dollars.  The next option when it comes to the one inch ball mounts involves the purchase of a double ball adapter part number RAM-B-230U.  You can then purchase another arm to connect to the other end of the double ball adapter.  You can use the 6 inch arm just mentioned or if you like the standard 3 inch arm, purchase the RAM part number RAM-B-201U.  I know of users that have connected three arms together but when it comes to the one inch ball, I have found that two arms connected are the longest I would go.  Bolting on a third arm might prove to be unstable especially in a high vibration environment.

RAM also makes a 1.5 inch ball mount.  These mount are typically used for heavier devices up to ten pounds in weight.  Like the one inch ball models, there are options for extending the existing standard arm which in the case of the 1.5 inch ball model measures 5.625 inches tip to tip.  A longer arm measuring 9.125 inches tip to tip is RAM part number RAM-201U-D.  Similar to the previous discussion, arms can be joined together with a RAM-230U and if you would like to add a standard arm you will need a RAM-201U.  Again, I would maintain no more than two arms connected together, just my personal recommendation.

There are some other options that are fairly new that can replace the arm entirely.  The RAP-CB-201-18U is an 18-inch extension pole.  These are normally used in marine applications for holding lighter weight items such as a camera on a kayak.  The part requires some light assembly.  It deploys a 1.5 inch socket on the bottom and then a 1 inch socket at the top.  You would typically use one of the RAM flat surface bases at the bottom and then your mounting ball at the top to hold your camera.  These are not recommended for holding a heavy item, but if it’s lightweight, and you need the extreme reach of 18 inches, this is the part that may work for you.