Car Mounts for the Apple iPad Air

Car and Truck Cup Holder Tablet MountsApple has announced their fifth generation of Apple iPad and called it the iPad Air.  For the first time, Apple has dramatically changed the dimensions of the device.  Somewhat smaller and if you have really large hands you can actually hold it in one hand without a problem.  Still larger than an iPad Mini, is there enough additional screen real estate to justify the additional $100 over the Mini Retina?  I guess it depends upon personal taste, but based upon Apple’s sales, a lot of people are paying up and purchasing a new Air.

Today, we’ll cover some basic mounting options.

First, think about what you plant o do with your iPad Air.  Many like to use their tablet for entertaining the kids.  The best location for your Air is the headrest as it puts your tablet far enough away so your kids can’t grab it yet close enough so that they can comfortably view it.  The iPad Air is great for playing cartoons and videos and there are many headrest mounts from companies like Bracketron and Arkon that are very safe and sturdy.  Using a universal cradle, the Air is very easy to install and remove.

If wanting to use your iPad Air for navigation, consider using Waze as your app.  Take a look at our Waze review article.  You can certainly attach your iPad Air to a windshield, but we aren’t recommending it.  It blocks too much of the road view.  If you do decide to mount it to your windshield, consider the Arkon Large Tablet Long Arm Windshield Suction Mount.  The mount features a substantial vacuum locked suction assembly and it expands from 14.5 to 18.5 inches so it keeps it somewhat away from the windshield.  Attaching to your windshield is legal is most states, but there’s a few that don’t allow it so check your local laws before buying a windshield mount.

If you happen to live in one of those states where attachment to your windshield is against the law, or you would just rather attach it elsewhere (as we recommend), there are some other locations to attach your mount.  If your vents have horizontal mounts, and you don’t mind blocking a few, a vent mount may work well when paired with a universal cradle.  Also available, but a bit out of the direct view are seat bolt mounts.  Consider the  Arkon Car or Truck Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount with 22 inch Arm for iPad.  The nice part about this mount is it’s 22 inches in length so you do not have to look down too far.

Consider the newly redesigned Arkon Cup Holder Tablet Mount.  That’s the one that’s in the photo that accompanies this article.  It’s easy to install.  The bottom of the cup holder base is expandable to fit cup holders up to 3.5 inches and that will fit practically any vehicle.  The cradle is one of the few that opens wide enough to accommodate tablets 8.9 to 12.9 inches in screen size.  That means it will even fit all generations of the Apple iPad Air with or without a case or skin.  There is an adjustable stem that allow the tablet to be angled wherever it’s needed.  The manufacturer has a 2-year warranty on these mounts.

You will see some iPad Air mounts with custom cradles available.  Although some are excellent mounts, we do not recommend custom cradles for tablets.  Most of you will use cases or skins and the custom cradles will not fit well.  Also, when you purchase the next generation of iPad Air, or another tablet, you will need to purchase another mount since the custom cradle will no longer fit.  A good universal cradle will ensure that your mount can be used for your upgraded future tablet too.