TomTom Rider 400 Car and Motorcycle Mounts

After many years, TomTom has refreshed their successful line of motorcycle GPS devices with the recent introduction of the TomTom Rider 400.  The GPS features lifetime map updates and traffic.  It features a 4.3 inch screen.  The battery life of 6 hours is very good as most are typically topped out at three hours.  The included cradle has a hardwire cable integrated within which means that you should be careful not to damage the cable.  The back of the cradle has the industry standard AMPS pattern which is a 4-hole pattern supported by a lot of mount manufacturers. We applaud … Read more

TomTom Rider Mounts

TomTom first introduced a GPS made specifically for a motorcycle called the TomTom Rider roughly ten years ago.  It was then followed up with a refresh known as the TomTom Rider v2.  The problem with the older TomTom Rider generations is that a few years after they introduced the GPS in the United States, they stopped selling accessories.  This left the TomTom Rider owner who potentially spent hundreds of dollars on a GPS in a real bind when it came to replacing a mount or cradle.  Fortunately there are options that aren’t always made by TomTom that may work as well as … Read more

Can I Use a Car GPS on a Motorcycle?

Roughly ten years ago, TomTom and Garmin smartly made a decision to manufacture GPS units specifically made for motorcycles.  Models such as the TomTom Rider and Garmin Zumo series were marketed specifically for motorcycle use.  They sold a lot of them, and we sold a lot of mounts for these models.  There are several key differences between units made for motorcycles versus the car.  Most motorcycle units are weatherproof.  Note we use the word weatherproof and not waterproof.  Waterproof implies you can dunk it in a bucket of water and have it come out fully functional and that’s not the … Read more