Seneo Wireless Charger is a Vast Improvement Over the Others

Now that Apple has rolled out wireless charging, the majority of new higher end phone purchases will include this feature.  It’s a great feature which we discussed previously.  Wireless chargers come in a wide variety of reliability.  Today, we found one that works every time.  It’s called the Seneo Wireless Charger. The technology is known as Qi wireless charging.  We wrote a detailed article on this technology a few years back when it first came out.  Back then, only a few Samsung phones supported the technology.  Today, many phone manufacturers including Samsung, Apple and LG support Qi. Typical Wireless Charger … Read more

My Quest for Wireless Charging with an Otterbox Ended with a Company Called Youshares

My recent migration to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had me all excited about the prospects of wireless charging.  Right after selecting an Otterbox Defender as my day to day case, my excitement abated slightly as I remembered how thick this case was.  Thankfully I found the Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad. The Youshares Halo Wireless Fast Charging Pad sits on my dresser.  That’s what you see in the photo that accompanies this article.  This is one of three that I have deployed. Settling on the Youshares charging pad was no easy feat as I tried several other brands.  The … Read more

A Guide to Selecting the Proper Apple Lightning Cable

Not every lightning cable is made the same.  This article will provide some clarity and guidance for selecting a cable for your tablet or iPhone. For many years, Apple used a 30-pin connection for their iPods and even the iPhone through the 4s models.  When Apple introduced the iPhone 5 and iPad 4, a new cable came into play called the lightning cable.  This is an 8-pin cable that is much smaller than the 30-pin and easier to connect and disconnect from the device. Apple soon realized that a lot of third parties were making the Lightning Cable and some were so poorly … Read more

iKross Car Cup Holder Powered Mount Product Spotlight

The iKross Car Cup Holder Powered Mount is one of those products that we find so unique that we were compelled to write about it.  I have always liked cup holder mounts for keeping your phone off the passenger seat.  It’s also a nice mounting location for keeping it out of the view of thieves looking for common windshield mounts. There are a lot of cup holder mounts on the market.  They have been around for years.  What makes this unique is that the mount integrates power connections along with it.  There are powered mounts for your car lighter but this is … Read more

Using Battery Tender on a Motorcycle

Battery Tender is a company that manufactures a line of battery chargers and accessories.  These are very commonly used with motorcycles.  It’s especially handy in colder climates where your motorcycle may not be used for long stretches of time, especially the winter months.  A lot of motorcycle owners simply attach a ring terminal harness to their battery, secure it in a safe place, and leave it plugged in to run a charger or accessory cables.  It serves a nice dual purpose as a Battery Tender charging connection as well as accessory cable.  We will explain more. Most start with a kit such as the … Read more

Eklipes Cobra Motorcycle Hardwire USB Charging System

The Eklipes Cobra Motorcycle Hardwire USB Charging System is an excellent addition for most motorcycles. It includes everything needed to enable  a power outlet onto your bike. This hardwire solution is one of the most cost-effective and functional that I have seen.  If you are looking to power your device on your bike, this is what you need.  Most hardwire kits have a pair of bare wires, a fuse in the middle then either a 12-volt DC outlet or a mini-USB at the end without an on/off switch.  This power outlet includes not only a DC outlet but also a USB port and … Read more