Airplane Passenger Seat Mounts for Phones and Tablets

So I’m on my way to Florida on a United Airlines flight when panic sets in.  The photo that accompanies this article is best case with DirecTV.  But on this flight, there’s no DirecTV or WiFi.  Out of the thousands of planes that United Airlines has in their fleet, I got stuck on the one without any entertainment installed.  I can’t possibly talk to my wife this long and my iPhone doesn’t have any games or movies installed.  This is going to be the most boring three hours of my life.  This is how I discovered the necessity for good airplane … Read more

Watching Movies While on a Plane with Your iPhone, iPod or Any Smartphone

Airline movies, for the most part, aren’t very good.  It’s better to rent a movie, download a podcast or even listen to music on your portable device.  The problem I have found is that after about twenty minutes of holding your device, your arm gets tired.  Also, try to fall asleep with the iPod on your lap.  Maybe you will get lucky and it won’t roll off your leg under the wheels on the darn drink cart.  The flight attendants drive those things like Indy Racers down the aisle.  Your tablet or phone is no match for a crazed flight attendant … Read more

iRing Smartphone Grip and Kickstand

So I’m hanging out at the AT&T store purchasing my new Apple iPhone 6s Plus and speaking to the salesperson who is showing me his big giant Samsung Note 4.  He was trying to help me decide that the 6s Plus wasn’t too big for me pocket and invited me to stuff his phone into mine.  Turned out he was right but I noticed this little ring on the back of the phone which it turns out is called the iRing Smartphone Grip and Kickstand. So what’s an iRing?  It attaches to the back of your phone or case.  There … Read more

Aviation Apps and Mounts for Pilots

Digital Charts.  Each day, apps are developed that make tablets even more useful.  Finally, a way to remove the burden of carrying a phonebook of paper charts.  Your iPad or Android tablet can function quite nicely with the advent of digital charts.  Applications like ForeFlight Mobile is free to download but then prepare to fork over $75 – $150 per year for digital chart subscriptions.  You can also use your tablet for weather reporting, check lists, and for email if stuck on the ground. While I am not an expert on aviation, I have thrown up on many small planes, so … Read more

Using your Tablet on Your Next United Airlines Flight

So I was sitting on a United Airlines flight to Florida the other day.  I learned that United Airlines is outfitting their entire fleet with wireless access.  I remember reading an article about this a few years ago.  My initial thought was that this is another way for airlines to extract an extra $10 off their passengers that want to do email while in flight.  However I did not think about what United may have been thinking when they first made the announcement.  It turns out that United is rolling out a service called In-flight Wi-Fi and Entertainment.  You can … Read more