iRing Smartphone Grip and Kickstand

The iRingSo I’m hanging out at the AT&T store purchasing my new Apple iPhone 6s Plus and speaking to the salesperson who is showing me his big giant Samsung Note 4.  He was trying to help me decide that the 6s Plus wasn’t too big for me pocket and invited me to stuff his phone into mine.  Turned out he was right but I noticed this little ring on the back of the phone which it turns out is called the iRing Smartphone Grip and Kickstand.

So what’s an iRing?  It attaches to the back of your phone or case.  There is a ring on a hinge that folds out and allows you to grab the phone better.  This is excellent for people with small hands and even those with larger hands.  Turns out that while the larger phones like the Note and 6s Plus are great for the eyes, your hand gets pretty sore after holding it for a while.  Put your finger through the iRing and it helps you to get a better grip on the phone.  I tried it and it really does help.

One thing that I noticed with the larger iPhone 6s Plus is it’s easy to drop.  Already dropped it a few times and can’t wait until my Otterbox arrives.  Until then, I’m keeping it low to the ground.  Putting your finger through the iRing is almost like tethering it to your body for added safety.

As an added feature, you can also use the iRing as a kickstand.  Unfold the iRing and lay the phone on the edge.  The phone now stands up like an easel.  This is real handy on airplanes where you would like to watch a movie on your phone and simply sit back.  Just place it on the little folding snack table in front of you and flip out the stand.  An instant movie screen.

The iRing also comes with a micro ring mount.  Attach this hook to your vehicle’s dash and you have an instant car mount.  Simply hang your phone from the hook which has an adhesive back and is shaped a bit like the letter “j” that your iRing will attach to.

The iRing attaches to the back of the phone using reusable self-adhesive.  Attach it to the upper half of the phone as it will be more stable versus the lower half.  I have seen mounts that use this type of sticky pad and they work fairly well.  To recharge the sticky adhesive, simply rinse the iRing under some warm water.  This is better than using permanent adhesive as that will potentially devalue the phone when and if you want to sell it a few years from now.  These should stick to anything that is flat and smooth.  I’m not too sure how it would work on a textured case though.

The iRing Smartphone Grip and Kickstand is a clever idea.  If you have a large phone, this can really help to solve a lot of problems.