Review of the LISEN Wireless Charging Stand

LISEN Wireless Charging StandWe get contacted by manufacturers every few weeks to test their products.  We were contacted by LISEN to test their wireless charging stand and the first thought was “great, another wireless charging mount”.  I agreed to do it, glad I did, as it exceeded my expectations on performance.

(Disclosure:  This one was free from the manufacturer. The review is our honest unbiased opinion of the product and not influenced in any way.)

Physical Flyover

A photo of the LISEN Wireless Charging Stand accompanies this article.

The LISEN Wireless Charging Stand is something you plug in next to your bed or on your desk.  It’s made to hold and charge your phone.  The advantage of this product (beyond the obvious wireless charging aspect) is the elevated adjustment component.   The stand can be extended to roughly 10.5 inches top to bottom.  The phone holder part can be tilted 45 degrees and this is a welcome feature for use during a video chat or simply watching a streaming service like Netflix or YouTubeTV.

The 5.5 x 5.5 inch base is weighted and won’t tip over when your phone sits atop.  My LG V30 in a heavy Otterbox Defender case held quite securely without worrying about the entire stand falling into my lap.  The pair of device hooks at the bottom were thick enough to hold the Otterbox encased phone just fine.

LISEN Wireless Charging Stand Performance

The mount is based upon Qi technology which was introduced several years ago as a means to charge a phone without cables.  I was pretty excited about the technology when it first came out and picked up a phone that supported the technology.  Charging without wires continues to intrigue me and it will be interesting to see where this technology goes in the near future.

Unfortunately though, I have been disappointed over the years of wireless charging mounts and stands by the inability to charge through a big thick case.  For those unfamiliar with an Otterbox Defender, there are two components.  A hard case surrounds the phone and then a rubber encasement wraps around the hard case.  Many (perhaps most) wireless chargers will not charge the phone through an Otterbox Defender type of setup.

Fortunately, the LISEN Wireless Charging Stand worked flawlessly.  It immediately starts to charge the phone without have to maneuver the phone into a different position or orientation.  So it passes the Otterbox Defender test so should work fine with most cases and skins that do not have metal components.

The LISEN Wireless Charging Stand includes a micro USB cable but does not include an A/C adapter.  That’s not unusual for these types of mounts.  Be sure to plug it into an A/C adapter that supports Quick Charge 3.0 if that feature is available in your phone.

Based upon my test, I can recommend the LISEN Wireless Charging Stand.  It worked with my big thick case and the height extension and upright position means it can be utilized while my phone is in use.