Car and Motorcycle Mounts for Garmin Monterra

Garmin 010-11654-07 for Garmin Monterra and MontanaThe Garmin Monterra is a unique handheld GPS.  Garmin has taken the best of past generations of their highly successful eTrex and GPSMAP series and modernized it.  The Monterra is a Wi-Fi enabled GPS navigator that combines Garmin maps with the Android operating system. You can even get Android apps for Monterra on Google Play.  There is an 8 megapixel autofocus camera that can shoot 1080p HD video with automatic geotagging and an LED flash.  It’s a real feature rich handheld unit.

We’re MountGuys so let’s discuss available mounting options.  The Garmin Monterra does not come with any mounts in the box so if you have plans to anything other than hold it in your hand, you will need to shop for a mount.  Unlike some other handheld units on the market, good mounts for this device are fairly easy to find.

Many of Garmin’s mounts which are made for their Montana GPS line will fit the Monterra too.  These are good and well made mounts.  Garmin doesn’t typically offer suction cup mounts for their handheld GPS, but the Monterra is an exception.  The Garmin Suction Cup Mount with Speaker includes a cradle, suction cup and charger.  The suction cup is the standard Garmin variety which includes the lever for a vacuum seal on the windshield.  Be sure the windshield is clean before applying as that will get you the best hold.

Also for the car, combining their very popular dashboard 17mm ball mount with a custom powered cradle, the Garmin Friction Mount Kit is an excellent solution as well.  This mount is perfect for your dashboard and includes the mount, speaker cradle and charger.  The dashboard base mount has been sold for many years by Garmin and has been made popular with their expansive Nuvi lineup.  This is all you need to use the unit in your car or SUV.

Garmin offers three different mounts for the motorcycle and ATV.  The Garmin Handlebar Mount for Monerra and Montana is pictured alongside this article.  This is a complete mount which will hold your Montana and clip onto most circular handlebars up to 1.25 inches diameter.  For more rugged use, Garmin also provides the Garmin Rugged Mount with Power and Speaker Cable which includes a hardwire power cable but no mount (go figure).  This part can be coupled with the RAM handlebar mount which will attach to the Garmin cradles using the screws and nuts which are provided with the cradle.

This series can also be used for marine purposes too and the Garmin Marine Flat Surface Mount for Monterra and Montana is a good  choice.  This mount includes the powered speaker cradle, flat surface mount and hardwire cable for power.  The mounting base has a series of pre-drilled holes to allow mounting to a flat surface on your boat.  Be sure to pair the mount with a series on non-corrosive nuts and bolts especially in salt water.  Be sure to measure carefully as this is a mount that will require some drilling into your boat for mounting purposes.

RAM Mount fans will be pleased to know that a RAM Custom Cradle for Garmin Monterra is available.  This is the typical composite cradle that RAM offers for a large number of Garmin GPS devices.  It has the 2-hole diamond mounting pattern that fits the metal RAM Motorcycle Mount in wide use with many bikers.  Combining the RAM cradle with their motorcycle mount is an excellent choice as your GPS will snap right into the custom cradle for a very secure mounting solution.  All of these components come with a lifetime warranty that is administered by the manufacturer.

On a related note, I have seen some dealers offering screen protectors for the Garmin Monterra.  Please save your money and do not buy these.  Most GPS units made over the past five years use an anti-scratch lens and under most normal use will not show any scratches.  You will find a screen protector is unnecessary.