Garmin Portable Friction Car Mount Product Review

Garmin 010-11280-00The Garmin Portable Friction Car Mount was introduced roughly 5 years ago.  The part number for this mount is 010-11280-02.  You will also see some older models listed as part number 010-11280-00.  This mount is made to be compatible with all Garmin Nuvi GPS models.  The mount requires the cradle that came with your GPS.  That cradle is likely still attached to your suction cup mount.  Removal of the cradle is a simple matter of pulling it off the suction mount.  Like the suction mount, the Garmin Portable Friction Mount has a 17mm ball which is standard to all Garmin Nuvi GPS cradles.  Simply align the cradle’s socket with the 17mm ball on the mount and push.  Your GPS can now be inserted into the cradle the same way as when you were using the suction mount.

This mount is perfect for drivers that live or plan to travel in states that limit use of a suction mount on your windshield.  We wrote a detailed article on this topic which you can read here.  Unlike the dash disk that Garmin now includes with most of their GPS units, the portable friction mount is not a permanent installation.  The mount has a non-skid friction base which is made to stay where you put it.  I have found the key to using these is to ensure that the base is on a level part of the dash and not overhanging.  In other words, be sure that the entire base is resting on your dash.  Also be sure that your dash is not oiled with a substance such as Armor All.  Using any oil on your dash will render the friction non-skid part of the mount ineffective.  And lastly, place this on a level part of your dash.  If your dash slopes significantly downwards, this mount can potentially slip forward if you hit a large bump.

The mount itself weighs about 6 ounces.  It features a stem that can be angels forward and back.  The stem can be folded virtually flat to make it easier to store within a carry case or your luggage.  The ball and socket permits full swivel so that you can place your GPS at the perfect angle.  The mount has a flexible base which is a unique feature and this will help on dashboards which are not perfectly flat.  This mount is highly portable.  When traveling, just take the entire mount with the GPS attached to it off the dash and place it into your luggage.  As mentioned in other articles, be sure though, to take the mount with you when leaving the airport on your way home, as way too many people wind up buying another mount because they left it in the rental.

Like other mounts made by Garmin, these are made to only work with your Garmin GPS.  There are third-party add-on accessories available to use this mount with devices such as your phone.  We wrote a detailed article on these add-on accessories which can be read here.

The Garmin Portable Friction Mount is a well made mount, very portable and inexpensive.  It makes a good addition to your GPS and can likely be reused with your future GPS purchases assuming Garmin continues their 17mm ball and socket mount pattern with their Nuvi line.