Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT Car and Truck Mounts

Mounts for the Garmin Nuvi 2798LMTThe Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT is the first of the company’s GPS line to have a backup camera.  It looks like Garmin might be trying to introduce some new value added features to their aging Nuvi line.  We have seen backup cameras on a few models in Europe but this is a first for Garmin.  While certainly not a substitute for turning your head to check for oncoming vehicles, a backup camera is useful for backing into spaces to ensure you will not hit the object behind you.  The 2798LMT sports a lot of nice features including a big 7″ screen, lifetime map updates, integrated traffic, voice activated navigation and Bluetooth integration.

A note on the traffic.  I always mention the all important traffic subscription and how it’s tied into your car charger.  So don’t lose it.  You cannot replace it with a basic car charger because while it may power your device, the traffic will not work.  You will need to buy a Garmin traffic cable with a brand new subscription.  Don’t leave this in your next car rental!

The first mount that we can discuss is the one you will use for the backup camera.  This is one of those tasks where you will be making some holes in your car so be extra sure you have it in the right place.  The right place means that the angle of sight is good but also that your GPS is receiving a clear signal from the camera location.  You don’t want to mount the camera only to find out you aren’t seeing the right video.  The camera will attach to a transmitter.  If you are finding that a signal to your GPS is hard to get, consider installing a Transmitter Extension Cable.  This 50-foot cable will hopefully get the transmitter closer to your GPS unit to deliver a clear signal.  Be sure to follow all instructions in the Garmin Manual and as I mentioned, be extremely sure the angle of the camera is right before bolting the camera mount to your car.

Now on to vehicle mounts for the GPS itself.  The default mount that is provided with the 2798LMT is the typical Garmin suction cup except the neck is a little longer than a smaller 5″ screen model.  On the 2798LMT, you will need to use the included cradle in order to use the camera.  If your suction cup has failed, read our article on reviving it here.  If after reading the article, it’s still failing but the cradle is still good, replace it with a good quality mount like the Arkon Suction Cup Mount for Garmin GPS Devices.  These Arkon mounts come with a 2-year warranty and these stick real well.  Like the Garmin mount, the Arkon brand comes with an adhesive dashboard disk as well.

If using this in a truck or an RV, the windshield can be a far reach to the driver so a longer suction mount might be called for.  Fortunately the people at Arkon provide a nicely constructed extra long mount that will fit this line.  The mount included a 17mm ball adapter that is made to fit the socket on the back of your power cradle.  It extends from 14-18 inches and has a metal arm that withstands vibrations reasonably well.

If you would prefer not to mount this GPS on the windshield, that’s ok, there are a lot of other mounts that permit alternative locations within your vehicle.  The dashboard is a very popular place to put your GPS.  For many years, the Garmin Bean Bag Dashboard Mount has been the answer to customers that prefer a different location.  It’s a heavy mount with a non skid bottom and has that 17mm ball built-in to fit the socket on the back of your cradle.  If you would like to read more on this mount, we did a detailed article on this mount awhile back.