Smartphone Apps for Golfers

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, technology is changing when it comes to all sports.  Today we’re talking about a sport that is one of the easiest to apply technology to, which is golf. I used to think that having a device such as my SkyCaddie GPS to tell me the yardage from where I was standing to the pin was about as good as it got.  I would stand on the course, whip out the GPS, and check the yardage.  I would then adjust my club to what the book said would make it to the green based upon the yardage … Read more

Waze App: It’s not Perfect

As readers of our site know, I have become a big fan of the Waze app over the past year.  I originally wrote an article on Waze pronouncing this to be one of the greatest applications ever.  I still think it’s a great application but it isn’t perfect.  In this article, we discuss some opportunities for improvement. I use this app a lot.  A real lot.  So much that I have achieved a level of Royalty Wazer.  That means that when people I don’t know see me on their map, I am wearing a crown.  I wish I could turn that off. … Read more

Ticket for Improper Use of a Cell Phone While Driving

This is another one of those articles that’s a little off topic but a bit related.  A family member of mine recently received a ticket improper use of a cell phone while driving so I began to check into it (Keep in mind as you read this that I’m not an attorney and this article isn’t legal advice, simply a discussion of her dilemma).  This took place in New Jersey where the penalties for doing this have recently increased substantially.  First time offenders will receive a fine of at least $200 but not more than $400. The fine for a second offense is … Read more

Waze Versus Google Maps

Readers of this site know how fond I am of Waze.  A very popular competitor to Waze is Google Maps.  Ironically Google is not only the owner of Google Maps but they also own Waze thanks to a large purchase completed in 2013.  The $1.3 billion purchase made a small bunch of employees millionaires overnight at the Israeli company.  Let’s do a Waze versus Google Maps comparison. On the surface, you might wonder why Google would invest over $1 billion on a product that is so similar to one they already have.  Both applications are in the GPS category, gives … Read more

Waze Versus Garmin Nuvi

Fans of our site know that we are big supporters of the Waze application available on Apple iPhone and Android operating systems.  We have written several articles on this terrific application which you can read here and here.  I recently began to notice that I barely use my Garmin Nuvi GPS any longer.  Why is that?  Well to answer that question, we take a look at Waze versus Garmin Nuvi. So I began to think about the advantages and disadvantages (if any) and listed the advantages and disadvantages below. Cost – Waze is absolutely free versus Garmin Nuvi which will cost $100 … Read more

Waze Newly Introduced Features

Faithful readers of this site are familiar with my affection for Waze.  This is the third article I have written on the application.  You can read the other two here and here.  I am still a huge fan and the recent new release makes me an even bigger one.  The features of Waze coupled with a high resolution large screen smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple iPhone 6 makes this the best GPS available.  I’m including the latest GPS models from the large manufacturers in this statement.  The inclusion of live traffic updates and road hazards is something … Read more