Waze Beyond the Basics

Readers of our site know that I am a big fan of Waze.  I professed my fondness for this terrific application in a prior article which you can read here.  If you have not downloaded Waze yet, do it.  It is a free application, now owned by Google that provides one of the most powerful GPS experiences available including live traffic routing. I called this article Waze Beyond the Basics because it sounded better than Waze Part Two.  After using Waze for over six months, I have become aware of features that were not intuitive upon initial use.  Some of … Read more

Useful Apps for Travelers

I recently read there are over 1 million apps available for the Apple iPhone.  I just can’t imagine how someone can possibly sort through the apps well enough to determine which app will fit their needs.  These applications have helped me to either get to where I want to go easier, save some money or save some time.  I use these applications regularly and figured I would share them with our readers. Waze – A detailed article on Waze can be read here where I referred to this app as the best out there.  Waze is owned by Google so be … Read more

Waze Might be the Greatest GPS App Available

Most of our posts are about mounting stuff but after using Waze for the past month, thought it was worthwhile to pass a quick review of this incredible app on to our readers.  Waze is a GPS application available on IOS and Android.  What sets Waze apart from the hundreds of other GPS apps is the integration of maps, technology and community based feedback to provide a driving experience that will save you time and tickets.  I remember a company ten years ago that tried to do this using cell phone transmissions.  Needless to say, they didn’t last long as the … Read more