RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip Cradle Review

RAM RAM-B-166-UN7U RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip CradleI remember when RAM first introduced the X-Grip cradle.  It was one of the most unusual looking cradles I had ever seen.  It was a completely different way of thinking about a universal cell phone cradle.  I ordered a batch and tried one out.  The X-Grip was easy to use and could be operated with one hand.  This was not your basic plastic cradle.  Made of mostly metal, the X-Grip holder held my old iPhone more tightly than anything I had seen to date.  Coupled with the Twist Lock Suction Cup assembly and metal arm, the RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip Cradle was one of the best made phone mounts I had seen to date.  The bundled part number of this entire mount is RAM-B-166-UN7U.

So fast forward this several years.  It’s still one of the best made suction cup cell phone mounts I have seen.  The design has been expanded to include large tablets, small tablets and phablets.  We detailed the X-Grip cradle line in an earlier article called RAM Offers Versatility and Universal Fit with X-Grip Cradles.  Readers of this site are aware that these X-Grip cradles are my go-to solution for the majority of motorcycle phone mounts.  I continue to like these cradles a lot and will continue to recommend them because I haven’t stumbled on anything more versatile.

We are gathered here today to talk about the RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip Cradle.  This mount is typically deployed in cars and anything that is smooth and flat.  This mount is one of the best for using a GPS application like Waze on your phone.  Let’s take a look at each component that makes up this mount.

Starting with the base, the RAM Twist Lock suction device is 3.3″ in diameter.  This is larger than most suction cup bases which is a good thing.  It’s also different from the majority of suction cup mounts that use a lever to activate the vacuum lock.  This RAM Twist Lock suction base uses a twist lock.  Coupled with the rubber bottom, the Twist Lock creates an extremely reliable hold onto a windshield.

At the top of the Twist Lock are two screw holes where a metal diamond plate will attach using a pair of screws.  The top of the diamond plate has a 1 inch ball that will attach to the included 3″ metal arm.  The metal arm is tightened with the flywheel at the middle.  It’s made of powder coated marine grade aluminum.  This metal arm is used in many other applications including marine and motorcycle mounts.  And now it can be deployed in your car.

The metal arm attaches to a ball that is molded to the back of the RAM X-Grip universal cradle.  This mount works on a ball and socket system at both the X-Grip cradle and the Twist Lock suction cup base.  This means that you can adjust it in a multitude of ways.  It’s also important to note this ball and socket concept allows full swivel of the cradle into portrait or landscape.  I suspect you will likely use this mount in landscape most of the time.

This cradle holds phones up to 3.25 inches wide.  It’s .875 inches deep.  This means that most phones with a case can fit fine.  For example, the Apple iPhone 6s is 2.64 inches wide and fits quite well with or without a case.  A Samsung Note 4 is 3.09″ wide so this is going to fit without a case and potentially if there is a very thin skin.

If you have a very large phone or very thick case exceeding the 3.25″ maximum depth.  No worries.  The RAM Twist Lock Mount with X-Grip IV Cradle is similar to the mount we have been discussing except this one has a cradle that opens up to 4.5″.

The RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip Cradle is one of those mounts that will live for a long time.  While your phone may change with upgrades over time, the universal mount will continue to function and fit your device.  Coupled with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, this mount is going to be around for a while.