TechMatte MagGrip Car Air Vent Smartphone Mount Product Review

I’m a big fan of magnetic car mounts.  It’s so much easier than using a cradle.  Familiarity with the TechMatte name started with their CD player mount.  I recently picked up one of their vent mounts.  It’s called the TechMatte MagGrip Car Air Vent Smartphone Mount. I have found that all magnetic mounts are not made the same.  Some have very weak magnets that do not work well through a thick case.  Other mounts may not hold onto a vent well.  A good magnetic car air vent mount isn’t going to drop your device when you hit a bump. The … Read more

Square Jellyfish Jelly-Grip Car Air Vent Mount Product Review

The Square Jellyfish Jelly-Grip Car Air Vent Mount has a strange name to be sure but don’t let the name fool you into avoiding this well made mount.  We took some time this weekend to evaluate this mount and were happy with the outcome.  So while, it’s fresh in my mind, here’s a review. The mount comes professionally packaged in a retail box that reminded me of something purchased at the Apple Store.  A thorough instruction pamphlet is included in the box.  The pamphlet tells you how to attach the Jelly-Grip mount to the air vent.  There are also instructions for … Read more

Phone and GPS Mounts for Round Vents

I used to think that mounting stuff onto a vertical vent was the most difficult of locations.  I forgot about round vents.  You find these in a minority of cars.  Vents are a great place to mount a smartphone or GPS.  It’s right around your normal eye level yet below the spot where a bad guy could see it so the location helps to minimize device theft. So what’s the problem with round vents?  Take a look at the photo.  That’s a Mazda Miata.  They have round vents.  The vents are small and have a little knob in the middle … Read more

TaoTronics Car Air Vent Magnetic Smartphone Mount Review

I became acquainted with the TaoTronics Car Air Vent Magnetic Smartphone Mount out of my attempt to mount my Apple iPhone in my brand new Nissan Murano.  It’s one of the hardest vehicles I have seen in terms of mounting a device.  The middle vents have a giant lip under them and I’m a big fan of vent mounts.  Knowing about the giant lip under the vents, I was searching for a mount that would attach to the slats and extend over the lip. The photo that accompanies this article shows what you get in the small box.  There’s a … Read more

Spigen Stealth Car Mount for Smartphones

Spigen makes some excellent well priced cases and we recently discovered they also make some great car mounts.  Their mounts are somewhat unique shunning traditional cradles and using other means to secure the device within the mount.  The Spigen Stealth Car Mount for Smartphones is one of those unique mounts.  It fits almost all phones including a great big Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Spigen Stealth does not have a cradle.  The mount is shaped like a “V” and opens to grip your phone in landscape mode.  There are two sets of grooves molded onto the bottom within … Read more

Magnetic Metal Surface Mounts for Tablets and Phones

Today we discuss how to stick a phone or tablet to a metal surface.  There are a lot of instances where metal surface mounts come in handy.  Think about stuff made of metal.  A refrigerator door, work bench, file cabinet, even the side of a stationary car (key word is stationary, I don’t like to use these mounts on the outside of a moving vehicle). There are a few ways to attach your phone or tablet to a metal surface.  The most obvious way is to use a mount that has an adhesive bottom but that isn’t ideal since it’s … Read more