iBolt MFI Approved Powered Car Mounts for Apple iPhone

iBolt MFI Approved Powered Car Mounts for Apple iPhoneToday, we’re going to look at an entire line of mounts from a company called iBolt.  They are one of the few companies I am aware of that bundle in an MFI (Made for iPhone) approved cable with their mounts.  Most iBolt MFI mounts have a cable management built in.  The cable management helps to keeps the cable in place versus dangling freely around your gear shift or arm.

The mount that is pictured is my Apple iPhone 6s Plus mounted with the iBOLT xProDock Car Dock / Mount / Holder for iPhone 6 / 6+ / 6s / 6s+ – with 2 meter MFI Approved Lightning Cable.  I really like this mount a lot and have been using it in my Nissan Murano.  The included ROK II mounting base has a sticky suction cup that mounts to a flat textured dash or windshield.  I opted to use the dash version as it worked well in my Murano versus the crazy slanted windshield in this car.

The cradle is one of the better made holders I have used.  It’s a heavily spring loaded cradle that grips tightly to even the largest of iPhones.  My Apple iPhone 6s Plus is using the big thick Otterbox Defender case.  So it’s a big thick phone with a big thick case.  I’m fairly certain that if can big my phone, it will fit almost any phone with or without a case or skin.  The cradle can be rotated 360 degrees so it can be easily used in portrait or landscape.

The included iBolt MFI certified cable  is two meters long (six feet).  The back of the cradle has a cable management system.  This cable management system consists of a slot and two hooks on the back of the xProDock (cradle).  The cable also has a Velcro tie so that you can gather up the excess length and keep it from winding around a body or car part.  It’s a good mount for using your iPhone with a GPS application like Waze or Google Maps.  The cable fit the power opening on my Apple iPhone 6s Otterbox Defender case just fine.

The next powered mount to consider is the iBolt iPro2 MFI Approved Car / Desk Dock / Mount / Charger / for iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6+ with integrated Lightning Cable.  Like the previous mount, this includes an iBolt MFI certified lightning cable that is 2 meters long.  The cable management feature on this one is a little different though.  The bottom of the iPro2 cradle has a cable stabilizer on the bottom of the cradle.  This is a mount that I feel works best in portrait mode, but you can rotate it into landscape too.

The mounting base can be used on a dashboard or windshield, just like the previously described mount.  The cradle is spring loaded and will fit all size iPhones with or without a case or skin.

The last mount to consider is the iBolt iPro2 Combo MFI Car Dock / Mount for iPhone SE / 5s / 6 / 6+.  If you like the previously discussed iPro2 mount, you will like this one a lot.  It has all the same components and adds a vent and adhesive dash mount.  It also includes a triple USB DC power adapter.  The added vent mount will fit horizontal and vertical vents.  The adhesive mount is great for vertical spots on a dash  too small for the suction cup mount.  The included cradle has the cable management system for keeping things lined up.  The cradle fully swivels on all three mounting bases.

The inclusion of the iBolt MFI lightning cable is a novel idea that surprisingly isn’t generally available from other manufacturers, and I think that’s a lost opportunity.  iBolt makes some good mounts and the inclusion of the lightning cable is a nice bonus.