iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount Tablet Car Mount

iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount Tablet Car Windshield and Dash MountI was recently introduced to the iBOLT brand of car mounts.  iBOLT has some unique designs especially in the area of the cradle.  I decided to write an introductory article on one of their mounts that will work well for those looking to mount a midsize to larger tablet such as an Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7.  The mount is called the iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount.

The cradle is the most innovative part of the mount.  I look at a lot of mounts.  I mean a lot of mounts.  When it comes to tablet mounts, they almost all include a spring loaded cradle that grips the device from the sides or top and bottom.  The iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount includes a cradle that holds the tablet from the corners.  I like this concept because it provides a good secure hold in portrait as well as landscape.  I always worry a bit, even with well made universal cradles that I trust, when placing the tablet in an orientation where the support arms are now at the side versus top and bottom.  With this cradle, this isn’t as much of a worry for me since the corners grips are always horizontal.

The holder that’s included with the iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount fits tablets from 7 to 10.5 inches diagonally.  This means it’s going to fit most tablets except the larger Apple iPad Pro and the 12″ Microsoft and Samsung tablets.  If not sure of your tablet dimension, be sure to measure it from corner to corner.  The cradle has sufficient depth to handle a tablet with a case or skin (which I always recommend using with an expensive tablet).  The tablet is simple to insert and remove from the holder.

The included mount is a higher quality variety that incorporates a ball and socket design.  This results in a mount that is adjustable at the base and the cradle to make it easy in achieving the most usable angle.  This isn’t your typical suction cup mount.  The vacuum locking base has the ability to adhere to a windshield or dashboard.  The bottom has a sticky material that allows it to adhere to a smooth surface like a car windshield or a textured dash.  Be sure the surface is clean of any oil or dirt before attachment.

As already mentioned, the suction cup isn’t your typical variety.  It has a sticky surface to it.  This is what allows adhesion to a textured dashboard.  You may find with frequent installation and removal that the sticky feature tends to wear off.  Fortunately it’s rechargeable and you can do that by rinsing the base in warm soapy water and allowing it to dry.  I have used this type of mount in my SUV and have found the adhesion to be very good on a dash and even better on my windshield.  Just ensure the surface for attachment is flat and clean.

I often concentrate on the vehicular aspects of the mounts and sometimes forget a lot of these can be used at home.  The iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount is especially useful as a desktop mount or one for the kitchen.  It’s great for using a recipe app such as AllRecipes.  There’s a lot of value to using a mount to keep the tablet out of the way of spills and to free up valuable kitchen counter space.  I remember dumping flour on my iPad a few years ago.  Not a pretty scene.

In a market filled with hundreds if not thousands of different tablet mounts, the iBOLT TabDock2 BizMount is worth consideration for those looking for a heavier duty mount for their vehicle.  It’s easy to install and remove and will fit a variety of tablets with or without a case or skin.