Useful Apps for Travelers

GasBuddyI recently read there are over 1 million apps available for the Apple iPhone.  I just can’t imagine how someone can possibly sort through the apps well enough to determine which app will fit their needs.  These applications have helped me to either get to where I want to go easier, save some money or save some time.  I use these applications regularly and figured I would share them with our readers.

Waze – A detailed article on Waze can be read here where I referred to this app as the best out there.  Waze is owned by Google so be prepared for some ads popping up here and there.  This is a GPS application that integrates real-time traffic, reports on road hazards and naturally, Google Maps.  I use this app daily even if I already know how to get to my destination purely for the traffic capabilities.

Inrix Traffic – This is a pure traffic reporting application that also integrates some nice features such as traffic cameras so you see live what’s happening along your route.  Like Waze, you can tell the application to plot a route and it will take traffic into account.  The big advantage to Waze is the ease of user input into the current traffic picture.  Waze also has an easier to use interface (in my opinion).

GasBuddy – This application posts current gas prices nearby.  It is updated regularly by other drivers and you can also contribute by posting current prices at nearby stations.  A lot of drivers might simply stop at their neighborhood station to fill up, but you would be amazed at how much you can save by shopping around with GasBuddy.  While Costco gas prices are hard to beat, this application really comes in handy if you don’t have a Costco with a gas station close by.  On a related note, Waze has a similar function built-in but I always found that GasBuddy is easier to use for gas prices.

Yelp – I have used this application repeatedly when out and hungry.  Simply get into Yelp and it will tell you what restaurants are nearby.  You can refine the search by typing in what sort of cuisine you feel like having.  This application allows users to review the restaurants so you can get a good take on what’s good in the area.

Trip Advisor – This application has been around for a long time and has assembled a huge database of hotels, attractions and restaurants.  Ideal application if travelling in a part of the country you aren’t familiar with.  Trip Advisor now offers the ability to download their content and access it offline.  Good to use when travelling in remote areas without a cell phone signal.

True Car – Here is the application you will use when buying a new car.  True Car provides and fully discloses the least expensive prices dealers are selling your car for.  This application is for real.  I used it to negotiate a great price on a car earlier last year.  I told the dealer to beat the price or I’ll buy it at the dealer shown by True Car.  I saved thousands of dollars using this application.

If you would like to read a good article on phone mounts which will make using these apps a little more fun, you may view it here.