Garmin Bean Bag Mount Product Review

The most popular mount for a Garmin Nuvi GPS is the Garmin Portable Friction Mount.  The mount is manufactured by Garmin and is an extraordinarily popular mount.  They officially refer to it as the portable friction mount but I still call it the Garmin bean bag mount.  It has been available since the days of the first Garmin Nuvi which ironically is the model shown in the photo that accompanies this review. The Garmin bean bag mount weighs 1.5 pounds.  The bottom of the mount features a rubber coated base which is designed to stay put in most normal driving … Read more

Motorcycle Mounts for the Garmin Nuvi GPS Line

When we first got involved with GPS mounts over ten years ago, we never dreamed of the market that existed for motorcycle mounts.  You would be amazed at the number of motorcycle mounts available and this category has been one that has not seen a decline.  Car GPS mounts are a declining market thanks to mobile phone apps and factory installed GPS systems which I think is a huge waste of money. There are many options available for putting a Nuvi on your bike.  Today we discuss the many options available for putting a Garmin Nuvi on your motorcycle. Before diving into … Read more

Can I Use a Car GPS on a Motorcycle?

Roughly ten years ago, TomTom and Garmin started to make GPS devices specifically designed for use with motorcycles.  The TomTom Rider and Garmin Zumo series were marketed specifically for motorcycle use.  They sold a lot of them.  There are several key differences between units made for motorcycles versus the car. Most motorcycle units are weatherproof.  Note we use the word weatherproof and not waterproof.  Waterproof implies you can dunk it in a bucket of water and have it come out fully functional and that’s not the case.  Under most normal driving, a weatherproof unit will serve you well and without … Read more

Car Lighter Mounts for Cars and Trucks

When I was a kid, you used your car lighter to, well, light your cigarette.  No clue to the dangers of second-hand smoke, my parents would light up with the windows closed.  The interior of the car was cloudier than being next to the Hudson River on a foggy day.  From the back seat, I could barely see the road.  I developed smoker’s cough at the age of 6 and could hear fog horns from the back seat.  I thought this was normal, didn’t even crack the window.  Times have changed.  Not only are lighters now called power outlets (or … Read more