Garmin Nuvi Car Air Vent Mount Product Spotlight

The Garmin Nuvi series has been around for many years.  Ironically, the Garmin Nuvi Car Air Vent Mount was only recently introduced.  This was a real lost opportunity as several well known manufacturers sold thousands, perhaps millions of vent mounts at the expense of Garmin.  A real lost opportunity.

The air vent is one of my favorite mounting locations.  I like it because it keeps the device near your line of site where it’s easy to see.  I also like the fact that it keeps your device out of clear site of any potential bad guys.  A vent mount is not clearly seen in a parking lot versus the traditional windshield suction cup mount or one for the dash.  Most dash mounts are easy to install.  Depending upon the vent mount, some are easy to remove (and some are not).  Unlike older vent mounts that use a pair of arms to attach to a vent slat, this one is easy to remove and remove.  It’s a simple matter of turning the little knob that is found just behind the 17mm mounting ball.  It’s nice to be able to remove the mount with the GPS, especially when travelling.  I always hated making a mount contribution to Avis.

I guess enough customers called Garmin to ask for a vent mount as they eventually designed one and released it early 2014.  They did a nice job in the design and it is well made.  The mount features the Garmin 17mm ball which fits the back of any socket that is part of a Nuvi cradle.  Your cradle is still likely attached to the suction cup mount included with the GPS purchase.  The cradle is easy to remove, simply hold the suction cup mount in one hand, the cradle in the other and pull it off.  If you are unhappy with the suction cup mount provided, consider this vent mount.

A significant shortcoming of air vent mounts was that they only fit horizontal vents.  Unlike many of their competitors, Garmin saw the need for a vent mount with a clamp on the back if it.  This means these mounts will fit horizontal and vertical vents.  These should also fit most circular vents.

Some may shy away from a vent mount because of concerns of the GPS overheating or freezing over due to the device being placed directly into the air flow.  Don’t be concerned.  Most modern GPS units are made to withstand extreme air temperatures in places like the desert and way up north.  My concern was somewhat different in that I didn’t want the GPS to block the cold air in the summer.  You get around that limitation by attaching the vent mount to the lowest slat on the vent.  I haven’t run into an issue as long as the lower slat is used.

The Garmin Nuvi Car Air Vent Mount is a solid mount for your GPS.  The design is innovative and I see it being incorporated into most well made vent mounts for other purposes such as phones and tablets.  The vice-like attachment provides a solid grip and is easy to install and remove.